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    08 JULY 2022
    Image by

    The Artistic Vision of Ümüt Yildiz & Alberto Maria Colombo


    Ümüt Yildiz and Alberto Maria Colombo are two artists who have teamed up to create stunning art visuals using artificial intelligence. Together, they form the creative duo UMUT_ALBERTO, and their work has been gaining widespread attention in the art world.

    Their unique approach to creating art involves using AI algorithms to generate images, which they then refine and curate into stunning visual compositions. The result is a collaboration between human creativity and machine intelligence that produces truly unique and mesmerizing pieces of art.

    In a recent video interview with RED-EYE, UMUT_ALBERTO spoke about their creative process, their vision for the future of AI in art, and the challenges they face as artists working in a rapidly evolving field.

    According to Ümüt, their collaboration began as an experiment to see how they could use AI to create art that was both beautiful and meaningful. They were intrigued by the idea of working with a machine that could generate ideas and visuals that they would not have thought of on their own. While Alberto saw the potential for AI to be a powerful tool for artists, helping them to explore new creative avenues and push the boundaries of what was possible in art.



    The creative duo is always up-to-date with the latest developments in AI algorithms and their potential for transforming and representing different subjects in new and innovative ways. They believe that by understanding the capabilities of each program and algorithm, they can experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible in art.

    When starting a new project, UMUT_ALBERTO begin by experimenting with different AI techniques and algorithms in a broad and random way. This allows them to test the limits of what can be achieved with each tool and discover new and unexpected ways of representing their chosen subject matter. Their primary focus is on fashion and the representation of models wearing accessories. They use AI to create stunning visuals that advertise specific collections or accessories, showcasing them in a unique and eye-catching way.

    In addition to their commercial work, UMUT_ALBERTO also focus on creating personal artwork that centers around the representation of the human body. They are particularly interested in the idea of the nude form, and use AI to create images that are both clean and pure, without any additional artificial elements beyond the treatment of the AI algorithm.

    Their process involves shooting models in their studio, using both photography and video to capture their subjects in different poses and positions. They then use various AI techniques to rearrange and transform these images, creating a final product that is truly unique and visually striking.



    By constantly experimenting with new AI techniques and algorithms, UMUT_ALBERTO are able to push the boundaries of what is possible in art and create stunning visuals that capture the imagination. Their focus on the human form and the use of AI to create new and innovative representations of it is a testament to their creativity and artistic vision. As technology continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see what new possibilities they uncover and explore in the future.

    Their fascinating artistic vision that centers around the idea of AI as a tool. They believe that AI can be used to create art that was previously impossible, and that it is the role of the human artist to wield this tool to create something truly unique and innovative.

    For UMUT_ALBERTO, visual art has always been about representing the same three themes: the human figure, still lives of nature, and landscapes. These themes have been represented in art for thousands of years, but what makes art history move forward and evolve is the technology that is available.

    Throughout history, artists have used different media and techniques to represent these same themes, but it is the evolution of technology that inspires them to think differently and create images that were not possible before. The introduction of new technology, from drawing to photography to serigraphy, has always led to new artistic movements and styles. 



    Now, with the advent of AI, UMUT_ALBERTO believe that a whole new era of art is possible. They see AI as a tool that can help artists to unlock new possibilities and push the boundaries of what is possible in art. AI algorithms can generate ideas and visuals that human artists might not have thought of on their own, and this can lead to truly innovative and unique works of art.

    However, UMUT_ALBERTO are quick to emphasize that AI is just a tool, and that it is the human artist who wields this tool to create something truly special. They believe that it is the artist's creativity and vision that truly drives the artistic process, and that AI is simply a means to an end.

    In other words, AI does not replace the artist, but rather enhances their creative abilities. By using AI as a tool, artists can explore new creative avenues and push the boundaries of what is possible in art. This allows them to create something truly unique and innovative that speaks to the world around them.



    At the heart of UMUT_ALBERTO's work is a belief in the power of collaboration between humans and machines. They see AI as a complementary tool that can help artists to unlock new possibilities and push the boundaries of what is possible in art.

    Their work is a testament to the potential of AI to inspire creativity and innovation in all of us, and to the power of collaboration to create truly groundbreaking art. Whether you are a lover of art or technology, the work of UMUT_ALBERTO is sure to captivate and inspire you.



    Last but not least, the Fashion Film Festival Milano 2023 has announced that the artist behind their image for this year's event is Alberto Maria Colombo. Each year, the festival selects an exceptional experimental artist to design their image, and Alberto has been chosen for the 9th edition of the festival. The selection of Alberto Maria Colombo to create the image for the Fashion Film Festival Milano 2023 confirms his innovative and experimental spirit. His artwork embodies the festival's ethos and showcases his exceptional artistic vision. We are confident that his image will inspire all who attend the festival and further enhance the event's reputation as a platform for cutting-edge fashion and art.