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    29 JANUARY 2023
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    What went down at the Metaverse X Luxury Symposium


    Imagine stepping into a world where technology meets luxury, where anything is possible, and you can be whoever you want to be. That's exactly what the Metaverse X Luxury Symposium is all about! This exciting event has been a gathering of the brightest minds in tech and luxury, coming together to explore how these two industries can intersect and change our lives. We at RED-EYE are reporting such an energy-packed adventure in the metaverse, here is all you need to know about what happened during these two days filled with activity.

    Limitless Innovation definitely brought together the brightest minds in the tech, web3 and fashion industries for a unique event in Milan. The mission of the event, as stated by the mastermind founder, Stefano Galassi, was simple: to bring together leaders in tech with innovative fashion and luxury brands to reimagine the future of the industry.


    Galassi believes that by connecting the tech and fashion industries, they can drive significant growth and transformation. The future of the fashion and luxury industries will be shaped by technology and innovation, and this event aimed to bring that future closer to reality.

    Fashion and luxury brands had the opportunity to hear from the top minds in tech, and tech experts had the chance to learn about the challenges and opportunities in the fashion and luxury sectors.

    By bringing together the brightest minds from both industries, Limitless Innovation hopes to foster new partnerships, collaborations, and ideas that will drive the future of fashion and luxury. With a focus on innovation, Limitless Innovation is set to play a leading role in shaping the future of these industries.



    Let's dive in with some facts. The Metaverse X Luxury Symposium rocked Milan, Italy on January 26th, 2023, with the biggest names in luxury and Web3 innovation coming together to shape the digital galaxy. Powered by Limitless Innovation from Dubai and the Metaverse Fashion Council from LA, the symposium took place at the totally futuristic Unicredit Tower in Piazza Gae Aulenti.

    Over 180 attendees, including 50 C-level executives from the luxury and tech industry, participated in the event. The scale-up international innovators like DressX, The Fabricant, and Threedium, among others, presented their vision and contribution to the future of the digital ecosystem through TED-style talks. The event also had participation from the largest luxury group of the Middle East, Chalhoub Dubai, Outlier Ventures, London’s premium Web3 fashion accelerator, Istituto Marangoni, and many more.


    Nick Vinckier, Head of Corporate Innovation at Chalhoub Group, spoke about the rapid pace of change in the world and the impact that technology has had on various industries. He pointed to the incredible advancements in artificial intelligence, highlighted by the powerful GPT-3 technology and the possibility of the soon-to-be-released GPT-4, which are changing the way things are done. Robots are now capable of writing books, which just a few years ago was considered science fiction.

    However, with so many opportunities and possibilities in a rapidly changing world, Vinckier believes it's important to focus on what truly matters. His mother's words of wisdom ring true - you can do anything, but you can't do everything. In a world with 360° of opportunity, it's important to identify the 45° that truly matters and focus your efforts there.

    Vinckier believes that businesses, especially in the fashion and luxury sector, need to be mindful of the impact of technology on their industry and look for ways to stay ahead of the curve. By focusing on the areas that truly matter, businesses can ensure that they are well positioned to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of technology and innovation.

    Nick Vinckier's message is clear - in a rapidly changing world, it's important to focus on what truly matters. By focusing on the 45° that truly matters, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and continue to thrive in the face of technological advancements.



    The stage featured a number of case histories from companies like Threedium, the award-winning 3D and AR platform, and DressX, the virtual fashion house born in 2020. Both companies have already established themselves as leaders in the tech and fashion industries through their strategic collaborations with luxury brands and marketplaces.

    Threedium, for example, has won numerous awards for its innovative platform that combines 3D and AR technology to create immersive shopping experiences for customers. The company has already partnered with several leaders in the luxury world to bring its technology to market.

    DressX, on the other hand, is a virtual fashion house that has quickly made a name for itself since its launch in 2020. The company has already secured several strategic collaborations with marketplaces like Farfetch, who were among the first major retailers to test the practice of digital sampling. Through these collaborations, DressX has been able to offer its customers a unique and innovative shopping experience that combines technology and fashion.

    Education and Web3 play a crucial role in shaping the future of the digital world. The Metaverse Luxury Symposium emphasized this fact, with Stefania Valenti, Managing Director of Istituto Marangoni, delivering a speech on the responsibility of the education sector to create the right environment to promote and implement experiences in the metaverse.

    As a global education group with a student base of 6,000, Istituto Marangoni has a significant role to play in forming a new generation of managers and talents who are equipped to use the new tools that are key to transforming the digital ecosystem of the future. Valenti emphasized the need to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a world increasingly defined by digital technologies.

    Web3, in particular, is a new and exciting field that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. With its focus on decentralization, privacy, and security, it has the potential to bring about a more equitable and inclusive online experience. It is therefore essential that students are taught about the principles and potential of Web3, so that they can create innovative solutions and applications that will benefit society as a whole.



    The "Shaping the digital world" panel brought together experts from various industries to discuss the potential of the metaverse. Davide Gonzato, head of marketing Strategy and Planning at New Guards Group, Marco Bisato, founder & CEO of Customix, and Alexandra ILG, Web3 Commerce & Product Manager at The Dematerialised, all agreed on the tremendous potential of the metaverse as a complementary, immersive and three-dimensional world inhabited by avatars.

    Gonzato emphasized that the metaverse is not in opposition to the real world, but rather enhances and amplifies the brand experience. Bisato and ILG also noted the importance of integration between the metaverse and real world as key to unlocking its potential. The metaverse provides a unique opportunity for brands to create new, immersive experiences for their customers.

    Head of Strategic Partnerships at Ready Player Me, Stan Georgiev, brought the company's case history to the forefront, highlighting its success in producing over 5,000 avatars since 2020.

    According to Georgiev, the metaverse is not just a virtual planet, but a network of interconnected planets where avatars can move and interact with one another. He also emphasized the power of the cross-game economy, driven by avatars that frequent virtual fashion stores and can positively impact physical businesses.

    Ready Player Me's work in avatar development is a prime example of how the metaverse can have a real-world impact, bringing virtual and physical worlds closer together. The company's focus on avatars and the metaverse is a testament to the potential of this emerging technology, and its potential to revolutionize the fashion and tech industries.



    A panel of experts discussed the integration of the metaverse and luxury brands. Massimo Paloni, chief operations and innovation officer of Bulgari, talked about the challenge of elevating the brand through the multi-level opportunities offered by Web3. He emphasized the importance of calibrating the brand's presence and investments between the real and virtual worlds to offer the best to both loyal consumers and Gen Z. The panel was moderated by Marco Ruffa, digital transformation director of Pinko, and also featured Marco Stagliano, CEO of Another-1, and Matthew Drinkwater, head of Fashion Innovation Agency. The experts agreed on the potential of the metaverse and the importance of finding the right balance between the real and virtual world to deliver the best experiences for consumers.

    Among the speakers was Stefano Rosso, board member of Otb Group, Aura Blockchain Consortium and CEO of D-Cave and BVX. Rosso highlighted the work of D-Cave, a hub that connects lifestyle and fashion brands with the Web3 audience. He also discussed the role of Aura Blockchain in certifying the authenticity of high-end products.

    Kerry Murphy, founder and CEO of The Fabricant, spoke about the company's sartorial approach to digital fashion and its collaborations with major brands such as Puma and Ralph Lauren. Marco Formento, Global Innovation & ESG director and Davide Sgherri, head of New Media at Dolce & Gabbana, discussed the cultural shift in business, communication and product brought about by Web3 and the brand's projects in the metaverse.

    The highlight of Dolce & Gabbana's metaverse efforts was their partnership with the NFT UNXD marketplace, resulting in the creation of the #DGFamily virtual community with benefits in both the metaverse and physical world. The brand also participated in the first edition of Metaverse Fashion Week on the Decentraland platform.



    The Global Fashion Innovation Expo took place alongside the Metaverse X Luxury Symposium, showcasing the latest advancements in virtual fashion, AI, blockchain, and circularity. The expo was held at the Unicredit Tower's Tree House, where 28 top Italian and international companies demonstrated their innovative tech and presented new customer scenarios to attendees. The expo was a unique opportunity for attendees to see firsthand the latest developments in the industry and understand how these advancements are transforming the world of fashion. The integration of technology and fashion is creating exciting new possibilities and the Global Fashion Innovation Expo provided a glimpse into the future of this rapidly evolving industry.



    On January 27, 2023, two visits were organized to Canclini Tessile SpA, the historic fashion and art archive of Confindustria Tessile's President Simone Canclini, and the Ratti SpA. The speakers and some VIP guests visited these Italian textile Eccellenze of Made in Italy and then enjoyed a dinner at the Grand Palace Hotel in Como.

    Metaverse X Luxury Symposium was the first in a series of events aimed at connecting the best minds in the Fashion Tech industry with fashion and lifestyle brands with a Fast Forward Thinkers Vision on the industry, and re-imagining the future of the entire sector. The event was organized by Limitless Innovation in collaboration with strategic partners in innovation, including UniCredit Start Lab, Metaverse Fashion Council, Temera, RED-EYE Metazine, Officine Innovazione by Deloitte, Fashion Magazine and PixelCake.



    Stay tuned for the latest content from the RED-EYE metazine reportage on the Metaverse X Luxury Symposium. Our team will be releasing exclusive interviews with web3 leaders, pioneers, and innovators in the coming days, giving you a glimpse into the exciting world of metaverse and luxury. The interviews have been conducted by Michelle Francine Ngonmo, Founder and Director of Afro Fashion Association, as well as the upcoming Black Carpet Awards, and Zarina Izy, Founder of digital fashion Izy Studio. These special contributors, who are part of our RED-EYE community, bring their unique perspectives and insights to the table, making for truly insightful and meaningful conversations with the leaders in web3.

    Get ready to hear from some of the most influential figures in the industry as they share their insights and vision for the future of this rapidly evolving space. From the latest trends and developments to the challenges and opportunities ahead, our reportage will provide a comprehensive overview of the metaverse x luxury landscape.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to hear from the experts. Follow RED-EYE metazine to stay updated on the latest content and join the conversation on the future of metaverse and luxury.




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