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  • Giorgia Imbrenda

    Giorgia Imbrenda

    Fashion Editor & Stylist

    Giorgia Imbrenda, born in 1995, is a fashion professional who graduated with a
    degree in Fashion Styling from Istituto Marangoni in June 2017. Early in her career,
    she showcased her talents by participating in a competition for i-D magazine
    during Milan Fashion Week in February of the same year. Her involvement spanned
    the graphic design, photography, and styling aspects of a creative project that was
    subsequently published on the esteemed publication's website.
    Following her graduation, Giorgia Imbrenda commenced her journey at i-D Italy,
    steadily advancing to the positions of Fashion Editor and Stylist. Throughout her
    tenure, she oversaw editorial and commercial photoshoots, playing an instrumental
    role in crafting visually captivating content for the magazine. Additionally, she
    established Rebel Label, a column dedicated to highlighting emerging brands in
    Italy, where she had the opportunity to connect with, interview, and occasionally
    photograph promising talents within the fashion industry.
    In 2023, Giorgia Imbrenda embraced a new chapter in her career as a freelancer,
    lending her expertise as a Fashion Editor, Stylist, and Creative Producer to several
    publications, including CAP74024 and RED-EYE. She also actively engages in
    independent projects and frequently collaborates with emerging brands and
    talents in the music industry. These diverse collaborations enable her to channel
    her creativity and apply her fashion-related skills, contributing to the production of
    high-quality content across various platforms and publications.
    Additionally, since 2022, Giorgia Imbrenda has taken on a teaching role as a
    women's styling instructor at IED Milan, sharing her knowledge and expertise with
    aspiring fashion professionals.