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  • Jagrati



    Jagrati often called Jag, is a multidisciplinary creative, passionate about art, design, fashion, culture, and beauty. After her Bachelors of Design in Fashion Communication , She did her Master's in Fashion Photography, Film, and Styling from Istituto Marangoni, Milano. Working in two diverse cultural landscapes of India as her origin and Italy as her space of creative business, she continues to provide services for new media. She worked as a photographer for a model agency in Milano, a freelance stylist for Milan fashion weeks for four years, and, as a creative campaign director for emerging brands such as AISPI.Co. Eventually, during lockdown, she also became an accident writer and editor for various magazines based in the UK and Italy. Her works have been published in magazines such as VOIR, KALBULT, French Fries, Paranoia, Piction, Mob Journal, Lampoon, and recently, COEVAL where she oversees business development as senior editor and writer.

    As a Founder of her creative agency 11AREA11 a fully online and digital art direction studio. She offers transdisciplinary consultations and direction for clients across different domains and media, delivering high-quality visual and digital products that reflect innovation, vision, and values. With her constant exploration of AI, she is currently speculating on the influence of AI on human emotions ,creative cognition and expression to analyze the innovative approach to experimental and innovative narratives. With such multidirectional curiosities, She is also a lecturer, and Unit Leader for the course of Fashion Styling in Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai.

    Her approach toward adaptability within the constant changes of our creative industry is inspired by her innate interest in science and technology. She thrives on building and being part of such a progressive and creative community that not only introduces subjects that are of unfamiliar domains but also survives on the pillar of constant innovation and transcendental experiences.