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    05 OCTOBER 2023
    Image by

    A Sensory Journey: INCORP Launches at Paris Fashion Week

    In the heart of the Marais district during Paris Fashion Week, an event that transcended the boundaries of art, beauty, and celebration unfolded. INCORP, a groundbreaking interdisciplinary collaboration, made its debut with a launch event that aimed to rekindle our intimate connection with our senses and lived experiences. With the tagline "In body" and the message that we are all 'Incorporated,' INCORP is dedicated to integrating awareness of the body and mind into every aspect of our daily lives. Here's a glimpse into the enchanting world of INCORP.

    At the core of INCORP's launch is a collection of three pure essential oil aromatherapy scents, aptly titled 'I,' 'You,' and 'We.' These scents were meticulously crafted in collaboration with world-renowned artists, highlighting the importance of community and connection. Each fragrance serves as a pathway to cleanse, support, and guide individuals on their personal journeys.

    Smell, often described as the sense most directly connected to memory, possesses a unique ability to bridge the gap between our inner selves and the external world. In today's fast-paced world, these intimate connections can easily be lost. INCORP's fragrance line was intentionally designed to bring us back to a present sense of awareness, rekindling the intimate relationship between our senses and our lived experiences.

    By engaging with all elements of the INCORP platform, the initiative aims to support individuals in deepening their embodiment experience through the transformative qualities of smell, beauty, and celebration. The ultimate goal is to ensure that our limited time feels enriched, vibrant, and fully experienced in both body and mind, unlocking the potential for profound connection to oneself and others.

    The launch event on October 1st, 2023, was an immersive experience that engaged all the senses. The space was curated by multidisciplinary creative Lucette holland, specializing in fashion and circular design, color, and materials. Sound installations by Lucette holland and underground audio artist Yvan Bouya created an auditory backdrop for the event.

    Visual experiences were provided by David Toro and Solomon Chase, who also curated the upcoming Geneva Biennale of Moving Image. Eartheater's 60-minute floating performance, scored by Eartheater and filmed by Kira Lillie, added a captivating layer to the event.

    Food and beverages were an integral part of the sensory journey, with Clément and Claudine Bouteille providing flowers and herbs from their family farm, kitchnkink offering unconventional and playful food, and Yola Mezcal infusing the evening with traditional mezcal.

    INCORP's launch event was not just a celebration; it was an invitation to embark on a sensory journey. With a team of visionary artists and creators, INCORP aims to redefine the way we experience life, one scent at a time. As the event unfolded during Paris Fashion Week in the Marais, it signified the start of a movement dedicated to enriching our lives through the transformative power of art, beauty, and celebration.

    Vases by Rich Aybar flowers by Clement Bouteille
    Food by by Kitchnkink & Edible Flowers by Claudine Bouteille
    Fitzpatrick Gallery, 123 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France
    Daëna Ladeesse wearing Julia Heuer
    Set Design by Lucette Holland
    Sound Performance by Minh Boutin
    Mirrors by Maroussia Rebecq
    Blind Contour portraits by Sarah Grierson-Dale
    Larissa Giers (left) Kira Lillie (right)
    Eartheater floating for 60min, scored by Eartheater and filmed by Kira Lillie
    Torso Solutions
    Minh boutin
    Raya Martigni (left), Kira Lillie (Right)

    Article by Danieleverse and Metafari

    Photography by Alek Katar & Red-Eye Staff

    The Visionaries Behind INCORP

    A group of visionary artists and creators brought INCORP to life, each contributing their unique talents and perspectives:

    Vanessa Lillie / VK Lillie: Vanessa Lillie, with 44 years of experience in healing practices, and her daughter Kira Lillie collaborate to create medicine bags filled with stones and crystals, known as VK Lillie.

    Kira Lillie: Born from a lineage of healers, Kira Lillie’s passion for nature is infused into all of her projects.Raised in Santa Cruz by parents who practice alternative medicine including acupuncture,acupressure, reiki, and biodynamic craniosacral. At 18 Kira moved to Florence, Italy, then continued to Milan, Paris, NY, Berlin and Los Angeles where she worked in fashion photography, filmmaking, and performance art. In Paris 2011, together with her mother Vanessa Lillie, she launched VK Lillie, a jewelry line modernizing the concept of the ancient medicine bag. Kira is currently working on an ongoing multi-sensory food and performance art project called “In Co Lab.” Building on a collective background, she is the founder of INCORP, an initiative bridging the worlds of fashion, luxury, and art with alternative medicine, healing, and intention.

    Sissel Tolaas: A pioneer in the world of smells, Sissel Tolaas has been researching and experimenting with smell since 1990.

    Ugo Cacciatori: Ugo Cacciatori, known for his jewelry brand and design collaborations, contributes to the project's top design.

    Samuel Reis: Samuel Reis, a product designer, explores the integration of nature into the creative process.

    Marco Panconesi: Marco Panconesi, with a background in accessories and leather goods design, adds his fresh and youthful take to the project.

    Figure II: The creative partnership of Lola Raban-Oliva and JR Etienne, known for their multidisciplinary work in film, art, and fashion.

    Pandora Graessl: A multidisciplinary artist and producer, Pandora Graessl's work revolves around the relationship between human mind-bodies and the natural dimension.

    Ohlman Consorti: The Paris-based consultancy responsible for the brand identity of INCORP.

    Emmanuel Crivelli: Emmanuel Crivelli, an art director and graphic designer, is responsible for the body map and envelope.

    Torso Solutions: The New York-based duo, David Toro and Solomon Chase, contributed their photography and moving-image expertise.

    Pol Agusti: A Barcelona-based photographer known for his focus on bodies and nature.

    Kai Lillie: Kai Lillie, a depth psychotherapist and writer, is dedicated to supporting people in exploring hidden aspects of themselves.

    Aurelien Mabilat: Responsible for the website art direction and UI, Aurélien Mabilat is an interaction designer, art director, and artist.

    ModularCX: The website development team that transformed the INCORP experience into an interactive 3D journey.


    Lucette holland, Multidisciplinary creative specialized in fashion and circular design, color, materials

    Sound installation:
    Yvan Bouya, underground audio artist and music producer

    David Toro and Solomon Chase are a New York-based duo working within photography and moving- image under the moniker TORSO. They also have a contemporary art practice exhibiting artwork and curating museum exhibitions as two of the four members of the collective DIS. Most recently they’ve launched, a streaming video platform for radical education, and they will curate the upcoming Geneva Biennale of Moving Image

    Eartheater floating for 60min, scored by Eartheater and filmed by Kira Lillie Alexandra Drewchin, known professionally as Eartheater, is an American multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and vocalist.

    Flowers and herbs:
    Clément and Claudine Bouteille reside and operate in the French countryside, where they manage their family farm dedicated to cultivating both decorative and edible flowers, as well as medicinal herbs. Their approach involves foraging and sourcing the finest seasonal ingredients for each event, forging a profound connection with nature, the elemental forces, and the complete cycle of life —

    from seed to seed. They take pleasure in showcasing a diverse range of ingredients, encompassing the ordinary and the extraordinary, the ephemerals and the long lasting, the beauty and the beast.

    kitchnkink is an unconventional and playful food laboratory. Created by François-Xavier Laubacher, kitchnkink explores food obsessions through unexpected kinds of forms sticking to great natural ingredients - come taste us!

    Azza Yousif is a French-Sudanese film director living between Paris and Athens. Her work revolves mainly around magnifying the cultural parallels between civilizations.

    Custom baskets to fit the 33ml INCORP bottle
    Janet Rose Minzett is a silver thatch weaver, healer and artist. Born in Jamaica and raised in theCayman Islands. Her knowledge of plants and their usage is present in everything she creates.

    Guiding the INCORP aromatherapy scent
    Kira Lillie was born in Boulder, Colorado, raised in Santa Cruz, California, and has lived and worked in Florence, Milan, Paris, New York, Berlin, and Los Angeles. She is the founder of INCORP, an initiative that bridges the worlds of fashion, luxury, and art with alternative medicine, healing, and intention.

    Sound frequency:
    Larissa Giers grew up in Germany and has lived in most her life in Italy. Her purpose is to extend joy and wellbeing with healing sound Frequencies, nature and Nutrition. Currently Larissa hosts private events and retreats helping people travel through Sound and Food vibrations.

    Giovanni Leonardo Bassan is a multidisciplinary Italian artist, born in 1989 in Marostica (Vicenza). As a contemporary artist, articulating the breakdown of the distinction between high/low culture, Bassan lends a European voice, with the sensibility of classical, historical painting, to the expressionism of the new figurative painting.

    Painting Performance:
    Daëna Ladeesse is Franco-Vietnamese and Caribbean artist channeling the divine feminine force and transcribing it in the form of painting and performance. A practice marked by cosmogonic myths, sacred sexuality and the relationship between the physical and the spiritual realm.

    Lamps and vases:
    Richard Aybar, Sculptor and furniture designer and the creative force behind RA Workshop, masterfully engages with materiality in his evocative creations. Born in New York City, Aybar explored a passion for romance literature at Wesleyan University before founding his studio in 2019 . Currently based in Deposit, New York on the banks of the Delaware River, Aybar continues to push artistic boundaries.

    Sound Performance:
    Ginkgökoko is the solo musical project of the trans-disciplinary artist Minh Boutin, mixing instrumental piano, environmental sounds and vocal experimentations into a digital, organic and vegetal aesthetic. Inspired by music therapy and eco poetry, Ginkgökoko navigates between healing and electronic music, with a fascination for slowness, fluidity and the duality between beauty and chaos.

    Blind contour portraits:
    Sarah Grierson-Dale is the artist behind God Between Faces, an ongoing project of blind contour portraits that allows Sarah to use her body and ESP to subdue the critical mind and create from a place of non-judgement and peace.

    Aurélien Mabilat is a independent designer, teacher and artist working in the fields of care, art & culture, education, and fun. As a teacher, transmission and exchange are at the core of his design practice. In his art practice, he explores form and non/form as a central part of his spiritual journey.

    Dressed by:
    Julia Heuer is the eccentric master of prints and pleats. The combination of unique artistic prints and different pleating techniques create a look that cannot be replicated. She gives those ancient techniques a contemporary and bold makeover that delights with sensuous colors and a brash mix of patterns.


    Katkoot is an Arabic word that originally referred to a small bird but then evolved within the language to describe something small and precious. Katkoot is the union of art and viticulture; two separate worlds united by a succession of emotions and ideas contained in every artesian
    bottle. Katkoot mirrors its founders` lives. Two brothers who embarked from opposing paths, one from the creative world and other from the family wine and spirits business, coming together in an exciting rediscovery of their origin for a pro- duct that is small, precious and rooted in their Italian heritage. From here their brand was born, striving to create wine products of impeccable quality and artistic uniqueness. With every bottle; Katkoot becomes part of an artistic conversation, highlighting the excellence of a Made in Italy product and a family story that spreads throughout the world with each one-of-a-kind bottle.

    Yola Mezcal is handcrafted, organic, and committed to preserving tradition through sustainable practices.A smooth and striking pleasure to sip and share, our principal recipe was created in 1971 and later passed down to Yola by her grandfather. Today, we distill and bottle mezcal at our namesake farm in Oaxaca, where we’re proud to infuse a modern approach into the 400-year-old tradition.