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    14 NOVEMBER 2023
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    Pioneering a New Era with Ines Alpha and Prada Beauty

    In an enlightening conversation, we at RED-EYE explored the innovative work of Ines Alpha, the digital beauty maven who has been instrumental in merging the realms of digital and physical beauty. Working with Prada Beauty, the iconic Italian brand that launched makeup and skincare via a licensing partnership with L’Oréal, Ines has pioneered a new frontier in beauty aesthetics, harmonizing the tactile and the virtual.

    Prada Beauty's innovative approach in the beauty industry is nothing short of groundbreaking. By embracing both the physical and digital realms of makeup artistry, they have set a new standard in the field. The brand stands out as a true pioneer by having two creative makeup artists at the helm – Lynsay Alexander, the Global Creative Makeup Artist, who masterfully handles the traditional aspects of tangible beauty, and Ines Alpha, the Global Creative E-Makeup Artist, who explores the uncharted territory of digital beauty. 

    This dynamic duo represents a holistic and comprehensive approach to beauty, making Prada Beauty the first in the industry to fully integrate these two essential facets of modern makeup artistry. It's a bold and visionary move, showcasing Prada Beauty's commitment to innovation and their understanding of the evolving landscape of beauty.

    We asked Ines to recollect the nascent stages of her collaboration with Prada Beauty, a journey that began three years ago. She envisioned a future where digital elements would significantly impact beauty standards, far beyond simple augmented reality filters. Ines has been working in the digital space for many years and she told us, "I knew since the day I started just playing around with my tools and adding digital elements on people's faces that there was something great to do." This vision of merging digital artistry with physical beauty marked the onset of a groundbreaking venture. 

    Ines describes her experience with Prada Beauty as a unique partnership. She began by experimenting with digital avatars, applying makeup digitally and pushing the boundaries of traditional beauty techniques. This led to a collaborative effort with the Prada's team, where they explored the integration of digital and physical makeup elements. "We were doing back and forth with the Prada Beauty team... I was designing avatars and exploring how colors and textures could be applied," she says. This innovative process was crucial in reshaping how beauty products are conceptualized and presented.

    Ines speaks passionately about the philosophy of adaptable beauty, especially in product design. "Each palette has been designed to adapt to anyone's personality and mood," Ines notes. This approach reflects a deeper understanding of the dynamic nature of modern beauty standards and people's needs. "The way we conceptualized the palettes is that people could create as many looks as they could with one palette," she explains, highlighting the versatility and personalization in the modern approach of the products.

    Looking ahead, Ines envisions a dual future for beauty standards. "There will be supernovalized beauty standards on one side and a push for uniqueness, personality, and diversity inclusivity on the other," she predicts. Her insights indicate a nuanced understanding of the evolving digital beauty landscape, as her work wants to fully explore the potential of digital aesthetics to reshape beauty standards. She advises against perpetuating harmful beauty norms, emphasizing the importance of maintaining ethical values and promoting self-acceptance in the digital beauty industry.

    Ines, who is an iconic artist in the digital field, offers heartfelt advice to upcoming digital creators. "Keep playing and experimenting and don't be scared to fail... Try not to change your values because you want to seduce a brand or client." Ines’ words underscore the importance of integrity and innovation in the evolving field of digital aesthetics and technology. “ Always trust your values and try to be the best person you can," she advises. Her guidance is not just about technical prowess but also about ethical and creative integrity in the digital space.

    Ines’ journey with Prada Beauty is a testament to the transformative power of innovation in the beauty industry. Reflecting on this collaboration, Ines notes, "Working with Prada Beauty has been an incredible journey of discovery and creativity. We've ventured into unexplored territories, merging the tactile allure of traditional makeup with the boundless possibilities of the digital world." This pioneering approach by Prada Beauty, having both Lynsay and Ines as creative forces, represents a holistic vision for the future of beauty.

    Prada Beauty and Ines are not just creating products, they are crafting experiences that traverse the physical and digital realms. It's a dance of pixels and pigments, where every stroke is a step towards uncharted beauty frontiers.

    This collaboration is a real statement, a declaration that beauty is an ever-evolving art form, unrestricted by mediums and unbounded by imagination. Prada Beauty, through its visionary leadership and creative partnerships, is not just keeping pace with the changing times – it is setting the trends, redefining standards, and paving the way for a future where beauty knows no bounds.

    Interview by Gloria Maria Cappelletti

    Images by L'Oréal x Prada Beauty Press Office