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  • Date
    21 NOVEMBER 2022
    Image by
    AXL LE

    An endless rebirth: filmmaking, imagination and Artificial Intelligence — An interview with Axl Le

    From “The Funeral” to “The Journey”, and now with his most recent AI produced visuals, digital artist and filmmaker Axl Le (@axlleyi) is paving the way for a renewed comprehension of imagination.

    Exploring themes such as ecology, death, alienation and technology, Axl investigates the different interactions between the human and what surpasses it. Is death another way of surviving? Can people and machines swap places? Is the ecological crisis an exhaustion of our imaginative resources?

    In the following interview, our discussion led us in many compelling directions: recent developments in AI, exhaustion and work culture, how many uses there are for imagination and worldbuilding.



    Axl Le (@axlleyi) is a digital artist and filmmaker from Shangai based in Oslo, Norway.



    Interview by @base.materialism