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    15 SEPTEMBER 2022
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    BitMedler on Jodorowsky, metapunk and an open metaverse

    We caught up with BitMedler, the Toronto born, web3 based artist and creative director, who masters the abyss of AI algorithms and has been a cyberpunk for 30 years.

    We at RED-EYE are extremely excited to be featuring BitMedler’s body of work “DUNE: Not for Spice” that gives tribute to Alejandro Jodorowsky, a true living legend, cult figure and master of the spirit.

    Discover BitMedler's exhibition showing in Spatial and keep checking it out because he keeps adding new artworks for an immersive never ending experience. Enjoy our long conversation that goes from Moebius to Salvador Dali, HR Giger and much more.

    "Dune is widely considered as probably the best piece of science fiction, if not one of the best pieces of literary works ever created. And that's not just for me. Arthur C. Clarke is quoted as saying it, and I think he holds a little bit of sway in both of those worlds. And so, my influences growing up, believe it or not, as a young kid, were Salvador Dali, Hunter Thompson and William S. Burroughs." BitMedler

    "Obviously, Moebius! I grew up with Moebius as well. Heavy Metal Magazine was a huge influence on me, too. So then all of those artists that were associated, Chris Foss, HR Geiger, these are all people who I was familiar with growing up.

    So getting to see what you would refer to as the Bible, getting to see all those drawings collected, just mind blowing stuff. When I saw this space by bl0ckstone, I felt immediately that I wanted to do this gigantic, ridiculous show in it.

    I already was a huge fan of the story in general, which is kind of ironic considering when Jodorowsky started his project, he actually had never read Dune. He just understood that it was so immense and impossible.

    And that's another thing that I kind of love about the story. It's such a passionate story of ridiculousness. And I think that the world needs a lot more of that, especially these days. Right?

    I'm really inspired by the fact that he saw this impossible task and he was just so tenacious that he went after every single ridiculous thing that he wanted. He wanted Salvador Dalí, so he goes after him. And then they have this ridiculous exchange. And Salvador Dali, notorious for being impossible on purpose. And it was like the legendary status of Salvador Dalí's impossibility up against the legendary status of Jodorowsky's. Tenacity just bashing up against each other, right? Trying to one up each other the entire time." BitMedler

    "I’m very bullish on the fact that I believe that the Internet is the combined human knowledge. It's the Alexandria Library, and it needs to be free for everyone on the planet. If you want a better world, you want to stop wars, you want to stop all this ridiculousness, you need to make all combined human knowledge accessible to all of humanity." BitMedler

    "I like the fact that there's a million mid journey users around the world that all come from different walks of life and do different stuff for a living and they're all able to participate and contribute and give new and fresh perspectives and use the technology for different purposes too. I think it's super important.

    It's crucial for training the models to have a diverse set of people inputting prompts and generating ideas. I think it's crucial, and I think we need to be less precious about art. All of humanity is creative." BitMedler

    BitMedler "DUNE: Not For Spice" featured in RED-EYE metazine
    BitMedler "DUNE: Not For Spice" featured in RED-EYE metazine

    We encourage you to check out our RED-EYE metazine installation to enjoy watching Jodo himself talking about DUNE in the trailer of "JODOROWSKY’S DUNE" documentary by director Frank Pavich.