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    18 OCTOBER 2022
    Image by

    Christie's to bid teen supernova's NFT art in the Metaverse

    NFTs are evolving the paradigms of the art world and are changing digital art forever. Most skeptical observers still think that NFTs are nothing more than a speculative bubble, however even if some people keep dubious about these purely immaterial objects, it seems that NFTs are here to stay for good.

    It is time to face the paradox that the digital world presents us: even if digital objects are immaterial, they strongly exist, and sometimes the intangible lightness of being is stronger than what is palpable.

    Christie's, the luxury art auction house, just started an Ethereum blockchain-based platform for art with Non-Functionable Tokens (NFTs), becoming the first auction house in the world to offer a completely online immersive sales experience. Christie's 3.0 is this recently developed platform, which enables fully on-chain sales of NFTs, showing the auction house's commitment to artists and collectors alike in the web3 space.

    The British auction house sold nearly $100m worth of digital art during the first half of 2021 and it seems that these sales keep driving new and younger collectors to the auction house. Now, Christie's 3.0 expands on Christie's capacity to link customers with the best in the NFT marketplace -- outside of the traditional auction channels, outside the partnerships with other markets -- now through an intricate, blockchain-native, and safe sales platform. The new platform, called Christie's 3.0, is built in collaboration with blockchain data company Chainalysis, NFT coin mining platform Manifold, and Metaverse creator Spatial

    The first sale of Christie's 3.0 is a highly curated auction featuring nine NFTs created and minted by celebrated visual artist and activist Diana Sinclair, whose work explores self-identity and social justice. Web3 and NFT pioneer artist Sinclair is auctioning off a collection of nine NFTs, including "Doomsday", "Ego", "I Am That I Am", "I Want To Nurture" and "River Over Stone", for a range of art prices between 4-8ETH.

    Before becoming the crypto-art-world's supernova, Diana Sinclair grew up in a home with a mix of strong artistic talents: her mother was a novelist, and her father was a painter and software developer, who encouraged her to experiment in various mix media. Her mediums at the time consisted mainly of charcoal and pastels, but she then moved on to creating digital art on an iPad and participating in online art communities, eventually exploring film before landing on photography. 

    One of the Creators on the front lines of the 2021 photography NFT explosion, Diana Sinclair has distinguished herself as an advocate for Black artists within the blockchain - from curating “The Digital Diaspora: Liberating Black Creativity", the NFTs Juneteenth 2021 exhibition supporting Black Trans people, Black Women and non-binary Femmes, to working with The Whitney E. Houston Foundation to produce unique, generational, digital art.

    The future might be as bright as a supernova and hopefully truly inclusive. This is only the beginning, if we keep pushing forward to open up real opportunities and mostly guarantee decentralized digital ownership.

    AI-Generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE

    Video Courtesy Christie's 3.0

    Images from VIP Showing Christie's 3.0 x Diana Sinclair Exhibition in Spatial