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    15 SEPTEMBER 2022
    Image by

    Cyberpunk goes web3 with HARDMETACORE

    HARDMETACORE was born and raised in Milan, and for the first part of her life she recalls she just actually lived a pretty normal life and wasn't really into any kind of arts and she would never picture herself doing the things that she is doing today. But she always had a very strong connection with the digital world because she spoilers that she was the biggest Nintendo fan, collecting more than one hundred cards. She had all the game boys, all the consoles. It was the time of Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and all of that. Watch the full interview to discvver more about the coolest HARDMETACORE.


    "And my name just came out of something completely random because I love hardcore and people always describe me as the gabber/hardcore raver kind of look and the metaverse, which wasn't a thing back in the days."

    I was always bullied for the way I look. And now the way I look, is my job. I just shifted that into something that is 3D because you know, if you take away the human thing and you just see a picture that is digital, that looks like me, you don't have the same judge on it. It's like, oh, that's cool, or you don't like it, but you don't get that attached to it and be like, oh, I need to bully this girl because she looks like that. No, it is just a picture."

    "Feelings are the main thing and I want my images to come with this kind of luggage of Feelings. I believe that HARDMETACORE is now a project, is not just me having a surname and working with that, but I'm a person and I don't want to separate that from my job also because my job is the things I create. Look how they do, thanks to what I've been through and the person I am today. So I really want those things to come as a package and that's very important to me."