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    02 OCTOBER 2023
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    Everything That Happened at CAVE 2023: A Dive into Independent Publishing

    In the vast realm of literature and creativity, there exists a beacon of innovation, a stronghold of diversity, and a bastion of untamed expression - it is none other than independent publishing. This facet of the literary world, often overshadowed by its commercial counterparts, plays a pivotal role in shaping the tapestry of human expression and creativity.

    Independent publishing serves as a sanctuary for a multitude of voices, echoing the narratives of authors and creators who venture beyond the bounds of mainstream trends. It is a realm where unconventional ideas, non-conformist perspectives, and raw, unfiltered experiences find their rightful place.

    Here, creators revel in a level of creative autonomy and editorial liberty that is often a rarity in the cutthroat world of commercial publishing. It is a haven for authors to delve into uncharted territories, free from the pressure to conform to market expectations or commercial viability.

    Bound by neither convention nor expectation, independent publishers are the pioneers of daring experiments, pushing the boundaries of what literature and art can achieve. It is within these pages that the seeds of innovation are sown, yielding a harvest of fresh, groundbreaking ideas.

    So, RED-EYE's adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts! Gather round, for we've embarked on a great journey through the uncharted waters of independent publishing and the boundless realms of creativity at the CAVE Modena 2023. Picture this: Two days of pure, unadulterated magic nestled within the historic confines of the former AEM Central Power Station, now a beacon of innovation and experimentation in the heart of Modena.

    This industrial relic, reborn in 2017 within the ex-AMCM sector, is the hub of creativity in Modena and the new home of Emilia Romagna Teatro. What better locale for CAVE, a celebration of publishing all things inventive, artistic, and visionary?

    The air was electric with the promise of discovery, and we, the intrepid souls of RED-EYE metazine, were there to drink in every drop of it. The exhibitors were great! Mulieris magazine, Revista Objectifs / Objectifs Studio, Interiorume, ALL in magazine, Mattia Gabellini + BuZZiN’, Magazine Ŏpĕra, Siamomine, Senza Futuro Zine, Inland Magazine, BOLO Paper, lay0ut magazine, Impalpabile, X Magazine - NATIONHOOD, CAVIE project, Pneumatica, DURO, Quadrifloux, Cratera Edizioni, Arvolturazine, TBD Ultramagazine, Chippendale Studio, Tazi Zine, Paper Paper + CTRL, FARMA 282, Adriatico Book Club, Ciao. Discoteca Italiana, Salò Magazine, Makvol projects, Libri Finti Clandestini, 5X Letterpress, Spazienne, Outis Manufacture, Union Editions, Shelfiecafe, Violatipia, Krisis Publishing, Tzu Ning Chian. What a great curated selection!

    The first edition of CAVE was a long-awaited rendezvous with the cutting edge of publishing, entwined with the Smart Life Festival 2023 and its myriad expressive languages. Publishers paraded their brainchildren in talks, showcases, labs and installations weaving a tapestry of vibrant activities. Here, independent publishers, self-made zines, informal collectives, publishing houses, emerging talents, designers, creative studios, artists, and digital creators brainstormed together in a melting pot of creativity.

    Given the labyrinthine nature of contemporary cultures and the ever-evolving digital landscape, CAVE stood as a beacon of dialogue, presence, and conscious exchange regarding the latest literary offerings linked to the transformations of our world. Two days of intensity unraveled, with a schedule brimming with deep dives. Industry players, authors, curators, designers, students, and educational institutions intertwined with the editorial, artistic, and technological cosmos.

    The exhibitors weren't just players; they were presenting their zines and merch with fervor, amplifying their editorial voices in an immersive tapestry rich with meaning. They highlighted, with unparalleled intensity, the interplay between publications and the diverse realms of creativity.

    CAVE wasn't just an event; it was a confluence, a chance to measure these experiences, recognize them, and map them within the broader canvas of the Smart Life Festival. This year, the festival's theme, "Generations," echoed the human capacity, fueled by technology, to forge novel perspectives and solutions for the challenges of our time.

    So there you have it, a glimpse into the extraordinary saga that was CAVE Modena 2023. An event that not only celebrated the pioneers of independent publishing but also painted a vivid canvas of our ever-evolving creative landscape. Until next time, when we set sail for yet another adventure in the world of art, innovation, and boundless imagination!

    As the curtains drew close on CAVE Modena 2023, a palpable sense of excitement lingered in the air. We couldn't help but ponder: What groundbreaking publications and visionary editors will join next year? What new frontiers in independent publishing will be charted? The possibilities are as boundless as the imagination itself. We eagerly await the next edition, poised for yet another exhilarating exploration of uncharted territories in the world of publishing, where ideas take flight and creativity knows no bounds!

    Moreover, we at RED-EYE took the experience even further by creating a metaverse rendition of CAVE and the Smart Life Festival. This virtual realm enables those who have been unable to physically attend the event to explore CAVE and Smart Life Festival from any corner of the globe. With our metaverse editorial feature, the world is invited to jump into an immersive digital experience, ensuring that the spirit of CAVE and the Smart Life Festival transcended geographical boundaries.

    AI-Generated text edited and curated by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE

    Link to the Virtual Editorial Experience

    All images by RED-EYE metazine