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  • Date
    19 APRIL 2023
    Image by

    Stream of Consciousness: A Digital Art Journey at Design Week

    Milan Design Week, one of the largest design events in the world, is celebrating digital art and immersive video experiences with the exhibition "Stream of Consciousness: a Journey into the Digital Mind". The exhibition is a collaboration between Reasoned Art, the first Italian startup dedicated to crypto art, and the City of Milan.

    Andrea Salomone, co-founder of Reasoned Art, said that the exhibition "is an artistic event created to accompany the public on a sort of hero's journey that results in a profound enlightenment, during which digital art will be a versatile and unpredictable mentor." Reasoned Art is dedicated to promoting crypto art, or digital art that is certified and sold through blockchain technology and NFTs. The startup aims to bridge the gap between traditional art and the emerging ecosystem of crypto art by adopting an onlife approach that combines tradition and innovation, physical and digital, real and virtual.

    "Stream of Consciousness" is an exhibition donated to the City of Milan that also aims to be an educational journey that accompanies the viewer in taking their first steps into the world of digital art. Thanks to the path created by Reasoned Art, by framing the QR code on the totems located in Piazza with their smartphone, the public will have the opportunity to access an interactive guide and start a journey that will lead them into the heart and mind of digital collecting. At the end of the journey, the user will receive a free NFT through the platform created by KNOBS, an Italian tech company specializing in blockchain technologies and Web3.0 projects and a technological partner of national and international projects.

    Design Week is the perfect scenario for celebrating digital art and immersive video experiences. Stream of Consciousness is a unique opportunity to experience the evolution of the art world and immerse oneself in the creative potential of the digital universe.

    The exhibition takes the form of a true stream of consciousness, a journey punctuated by sound, created specifically for each artwork. The fusion of visual arts and music does accompany visitors on an immersive journey into the digital dimension, which is increasingly present in our lives. The artists selected for the exhibition have used cutting-edge innovation to create their works, employing different technologies with the aim of showcasing the creative potential of technological developments that embrace every form of art.

    The music, curated by Lele Sacchi in collaboration with Asian Fake, features local producers, who are internationally recognized and young producers who were selected through an open call in collaboration with the Sound Design course at IED Milano. The sound perfectly integrates into the exhibition's path, where each musician has interpreted each work to enhance its characteristics through the accompanying songs that sonorize the spectator's journey in a multisensory experience.

    The exhibition hosts several events, such as solo exhibitions by Harriet Davey and Arben Vllasaliu, and the presentation of “New Free” by Eva & Franco Mattes, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa, director of the MAD (National Museum of Digital Art). Entangled Others Studio will also present "Sediment Nodes," curated by Reasoned Art & Edoardo Durante, while Leandro Elrich will present "The Building," curated by Nicolas Ballario.

    The list of participating artists is impressive, including names such as 3DD Factory, Alya Hatta, Andrea Crespi, Andrea Dipa, Arben Vllasaliu, Aurorae, Calend, City Maybe, Claudio, Cy Tone, Daniele Di Donato, Deltaprocess, DirtySabbyo, Ecem Dilan Köse, Elia Pellegrini, Entangled Others Studio, Eva and Franco Mattes, Fabio Volpi aka Dies_, Fabiola Sangineto, Filippo Odone, Gabriele Verga, Giovanni Medalla, Good Boy, William Grebenshyo, Harriet Davey, La visionnaire sur la lune, Leandro Elrich, Leandro Summo, Loon, LOOOP, Lorenza Liguori, Love From Gaia, Luca D’Urbino, Marcello Baldari, Marco Zagara, Martin Romeo, Michele Innocente, Nebvla, Omen, OOOPStudio, Paola Pinna, Raffaele Micillo, and Rino Stefano Tagliafierro.

    If you are not in Milan you can still enjoy all the artworks and start collecting them here.

    Special Thanks to Reasoned Art Press Office & @martromeo 

    Words by AI & @gloriamariagallery