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    09 MARCH 2023
    Image by

    Express Yourself and Win: The HONEY x Zero 10 'You, The Creator' AR Contest

    Are you feeling inspired yet? We hope so because there's only 24 hours left to submit your entry for the HONEY "You, The Creator" AR frock contest! This is your chance to show off your creativity and style by wearing this stunning dress and sharing your photos or videos on Instagram or Twitter.

    If you haven't yet had the chance to see the dress, it's a beautiful piece of wearable art that is designed to inspire and motivate creators everywhere. The intricate details and vibrant colors of the dress are meant to represent the unique talents and abilities of each individual, reminding us that we are all creators in our own right.

    But this contest isn't just about showing off the dress. It's about showing off your own creativity and style. Whether you choose to take a simple photo or create a full-on fashion shoot, this is your chance to express yourself and share your vision with the world.

    Plus, there's a chance to win! The winner will be chosen based on the highest number of likes, so make sure to share your entry with your friends and followers to increase your chances of winning.

    But even if you don't win, the act of participating in this contest is an opportunity to celebrate your own creativity and inspire others to do the same. By sharing your photos and videos, you're sending a message to others that they too can pursue their passions and create something beautiful.

    So what are you waiting for? Put on that "You, The Creator" AR frock and start snapping those photos and videos! Remember, the deadline is coming up fast, so don't miss out on this chance to showcase your creativity and style. Let's show the world what we're capable of as creators!

    HONEY will choose the winner according to the highest amount of likes! Let’s go ⛓️🚀 

    Winner announcement: 10 March. 

    You can try it on Zero 10 by the following link: