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  • Date
    04 OCTOBER 2023
    Image by

    Avatar Reborn takes the prize of Best Visual & Special Effects at London Fashion Film Festival 2023

    In a dazzling showcase of creativity, innovation, and the convergence of fashion and technology, "Avatar Reborn" emerged as the star of the show at the London Fashion Film Festival. Directed by the dynamic duo of Ced Pakusevskij and Tafari Hinds, this groundbreaking fashion film claimed the prestigious Best Visual and Special Effects award. 

    What sets "Avatar Reborn" apart from the rest is its pioneering use of AI-assisted styling, 3D modeling, and digital animation, all of which were harnessed to create a visually stunning and emotionally captivating piece of art. 

    At the heart of "Avatar Reborn" lies the fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence, resulting in a film that transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion storytelling. The film's co-creation with AI, represents a paradigm shift in how fashion and cinema intersect. This collaboration allowed the creative minds behind the project to explore uncharted territories of style, design, and storytelling.

    The core of "Avatar Reborn'' is its narrative, which explores themes of identity, rebirth, and the ever-evolving nature of fashion. The film's protagonist embarks on a journey of self-discovery, symbolizing the transformative power of fashion and the limitless possibilities it offers. The London Fashion Film Festival recognized "Avatar Reborn" not only for its technical prowess but also for its ability to evoke emotion and provoke thought. In a world where fashion and technology continue to intertwine, this film stands as a beacon of what's possible when creativity knows no bounds. Ced Pakusevskij and Tafari Hinds, along with their collaborators, have showcased the future of fashion filmmaking. Their win at the London Fashion Film Festival is not just a recognition of their outstanding achievement but also a celebration of the boundless potential that lies at the intersection of fashion and AI. 

    Avatar Reborn has set a new standard for creativity in fashion films and has left a lasting mark on the industry, heralding a future where technology and human imagination continue to converge in exciting and unexpected ways.

    Tafari Hinds & Elisabetta Giovi

    Article By Danieleverse

    Image Courtesy of Press Office & Red-Eye staff



    Director: Ced Pakusevskij  @cedced

    Copywriter: Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Creative director and producer: Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Assistant creative director: Shantel Campbell and Naomi Andrews 

    Art Director: Elisabetta Giovi @wobblinbetty


    Josh @clappeddeslondon

    Danieleverse @danieleverse

    Daniel Rainbow @danrainbow.g @w_modelmgmt

    Zhané @zhane.jewelle_x

    Kane @kane__blu / @selectmodellondon

    Tafari Hinds @metafari_

    Louis @itslou125

    Melanie @_crashed_ 


    Stylist: Miruna Cotletz @mirunacotletz

    Buerlangma @buerlangma

    Kane @kane__blu /   

    Sarah Regensburger @sarahregensburger_official

    KWK by Kay Kwok @kwkbykaykwok

    Smutty Snack @smuttysnack

    I-VISION @ivision__official


    Anastasia Bull @anastasia.bull

    Marilena Angelides @_marilenaangelides_

    Capsule Eleven @capsuleeleven

    Sondor Jewellery @sondorjewellery_

    Sondor Jewellery x Jakub Matiasovic @jakubmatiasovic


    Aidan Reece Cawrey @aidanreececawreyartist

    Zara Ali Khan

    Music by Ced Pakusevskij

    Voice Tafari Hinds aka @metafari_

    Creative production: Fullscream Studio @fullscreamstudio

    Text and visuals co-edited with AI

    Rental S L Vision London