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    16 FEBRUARY 2023
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    Music Beyond Reality: Exploring GLOR1A's Futuristic and Emotional Soundscape


    Step into the world of GLOR1A, a captivating artist who seamlessly blends the futuristic, sci-fi themes with the raw human emotion. Her music takes the listeners on a journey that is both curious and heartfelt, as she explores the intersectionalities of technology and reality within her sonic output.

    In a recent video interview with RED-EYE metazine, GLOR1A shared her thoughts on the virtual experience, music creations, contact with nature that blends with digital landscapes, emotions and feelings of time. Her twisted take on music explorations resides in an outlying, other-worldly realm of reality that is both intriguing and haunting.



    As GLOR1A spoke about her music, it became clear that her work is not just about creating an enjoyable listening experience. It is about exploring the relationship between humans and technology, and the impact that this relationship has on our emotions and feelings.

    Through her music, GLOR1A challenges the listener to consider what it means to be human in a world where technology is becoming more advanced and pervasive. Her music is not just about creating something that sounds good; it is about creating something that makes us think, feel and reflect on our own experiences.

    One of the most striking things about GLOR1A's music is the way she blends elements of nature with digital landscapes. It is as if she is taking us on a journey through a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Her music creates a sense of disorientation that is both exciting and unsettling.



    GLOR1A's music is not just about escapism; it is about exploring the realities of the world around us. Her dystopian themes challenge us to consider the darker side of technology and its impact on our lives. But her music is also infused with a sense of hope and optimism, as she suggests that we can find a way to navigate this complex and challenging landscape.

    As GLOR1A spoke about her creative process, it became clear that she sees herself as a conduit for something much greater than herself. She describes her music as a "channeling" of ideas and emotions, and she spoke of the importance of being receptive to the world around her.

    For GLOR1A, music is not just a product of the individual, but rather a collaboration between the artist and the world around them. Her work is a testament to the power of music to create a sense of connection between ourselves and the wider world.



    In the end, what sets GLOR1A apart is not just her unique sound, but her ability to take us on a journey that is both familiar and alien, exciting and unsettling. Through her music, she challenges us to explore the complex relationship between technology and humanity, and to consider what it means to be human in a rapidly changing world.

    As we step into the world of GLOR1A, we are reminded of the power of music to inspire and challenge us, and to connect us to something greater than ourselves. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us next, as she continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in music and beyond.






    Words by @gloriamariagallery