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    02 NOVEMBER 2022
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    Red-Eye Meets Craves: The 3D Greek Artist Intersecting Soul-Bounded Emotions with Ethereal Portraits

    Reminiscing spiritual connections in three-dimensional forms.

    RED-EYE meets: Craves

    Drawing inspiration from his mother tongue, the Athens-Based 3D artist sets a new tone to the Greek language through celestial and three-dimensional portraits. Greek has significant relevance to modern art, and culture with words rich in meanings that can be used to inspire beauty, art, and provoke divine supernatural connections. A singular interpretation of Greek elevates Craves’ 3D masterpieces creating a spiritual connection between the viewers by breaking the ordinary perceptions of beauty and image.

    Hello Craves! Excited to give you a warm welcome into RED-EYE multiverse and thank you for accepting our invite. How are you today? 

    Thank you for the invite, Danieleverse. Happy to join RED-EYE in this conversation. I am Craves, I make 3D art and live in Athens.


    When we first came across your art we were enchanted by the avant-garde simplicity of your artworks which transported us into a new dimension of portrait perceptions. What brought you to become a 3D artist and why you decided to focus your work on portraits?

    That’s really good to hear. A few years back I was making music and got to work with some of my favorite labels and artists. However, my music journey suddenly came to an end when I got a bad case of a rare hearing condition. I was advised to stop making music and have a big break from the sound. Still needed to do something so I started messing around with 3D software. This huge wormhole of knowledge opened up and got fully committed to digging in. I loved the way you can create literally whatever weirdness you have in your mind so I kept going and diving deeper into it. It’s like a never-ending circle of solving problems, learning, and creating stuff you like in the process. I have a university degree in design which definitely made it easier to adapt. I was also really into photography and mostly portrait shots so I guess I was already driven to make something close to human form.


    How did music influence your artworks?

    Music is still a really a big part of me. It is very connected to my images. A song can be a starting point to create a new image or maybe just constantly listening to something while working on a new piece. When I like a song I can listen to it for days if not months. I never get tired of things I like and I tend to repeating them indefinitely. 

    Do you think there is a real definition or redifinition of beauty?

    Not sure if someone can define or redefine beauty. To me it’s something so vague and enormous that I feel like it includes everything in it. It’s not about aesthetics or anything. It’s about feelings. Whatever makes me feel something, good or bad, has a reason to exist in my world, everything else is almost completely unnecessary, like possibly most of my pieces.


    All your artworks are labelled with Greek words which build a sort of mystery around each art piece. What inspires you the most from language and what wish you the viewer to learn and perceive?

    Words are so beautiful and powerful in all forms and languages. Sometimes people forget the beauty of their native language. I’m inspired by words that sound interesting but at the same time enclose a deep meaning for me and try to pass this meaning on a visual. The word Mutter-Mother-Μητέρα. I find it so mesmerizing and mystical. It’s one of my favorite Rammstein songs and describes the most sacred bond can ever exist in the world, motherhood. Higher than God.


    The singularity of your works is the fact that there are no words to really describe them but it lets the viewer come up with their own interpretation. Δεσμός is one of your artworks that I believe it exhales meaningfulness between humans and animals. Can you describe the meaning behind this piece and its inspiration?

    I can’t be sure. In my point of view, no artist should know exactly what they’re really doing. Somehow feels wrong. Δεσμός is probably about connection and more like a connection between humans and non-human beings. Animals suffer extremely from human cruelty.  I believe everything between the two was and will ever be connected but people forgot this connection. They seem to connect more with profit, ignorance, and selfishness. We need to nurture our own salvation, not kill it.


    Thank you Craves for this otherworldly journey into your work. We can’t wait to see your future developments. Do you have a message to your community on what the future of Craves has in store?

    Thank you RED-EYE. Much love and a big thank you to all the people who support my work. Lately started to write some songs again so maybe I will merge 3d and music in a way.

    Discover more via @thisiscraves