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    31 MARCH 2023
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    Stepping into the Future: 20 Must-See Projects from Metaverse Fashion Week


    Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 has brought together some of the most innovative and creative minds in the world of fashion, design, and technology to showcase the future of fashion. The event features a plethora of projects, exhibitions, and shows that give us a glimpse of what the future of fashion could look like.

    Two of the most popular metaverses used for the event are Spatial and Decentraland. These virtual worlds have become increasingly popular in recent years and offer a unique opportunity for designers and creators to showcase their work to a global audience. Spatial is a social virtual and augmented reality platform that allows users to create, share, and interact with digital content in an almost physical looking space. Decentraland, on the other hand, is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to buy, sell, and create virtual real estate.

    One of the most exciting aspects of MVFW23 is the inclusivity of the event. Established fashion brands showcase innovative solutions that demonstrate how they are evolving with the times and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of fashion. At the same time, the event also provides a platform for up-and-coming designers and creators who are bringing fresh perspectives and new aesthetics to the industry.



    Auroboros’ Snake Armour Wearable in Decentraland > position -96 -12

    This inclusivity allows for a dynamic dialogue between established and emerging creators and provides a unique opportunity for new ideas to take root and grow. It is truly inspiring to see such a diverse range of talent come together and collaborate on such an innovative and forward-thinking event.

    MVFW23 proves that the future of fashion is not only exciting but also inclusive. By embracing new technologies and innovative approaches, the industry can continue to evolve and thrive while also providing opportunities for emerging voices to be heard.

    The 20 projects that we scouted in Spatial and Decentraland are truly exceptional and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you.























    AI-Generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti, editor in chief, RED-EYE