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    20 SEPTEMBER 2023
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    Syky x Bfc: Where Fashion Worlds Collide - Celebrating Digital Innovation at London Fashion Week

    In the heart of London's fashion scene, a glamorous soirée unfolded, uniting art & fashion's brightest stars under the dazzling lights of 180 House. SYKY, the visionary digital fashion platform, joined forces with the British Fashion Council (BFC) to host an exclusive London Fashion Week (LFW) extravaganza. The night was a tribute to the vanguard of luxury fashion, where pioneers in the physical and digital realms converged to celebrate SYKY's groundbreaking platform launch. The Evolution of Luxury Fashion With fashion mavens, tech trailblazers, and creative influencers gracing the guest list, the SYKY x BFC event was nothing short of spectacular. More than just a soirée, it was a monumental gathering that paid homage to the merging worlds of traditional and digital fashion. Among the luminaries present were: Alice Delahunt, the mastermind behind SYKY and former Chief Digital & Content Officer at Ralph Lauren and Digital Director at Burberry. Caroline Rush, the brilliant Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council and Clara Mercer, Director of BFC.

    Fanrui Sun, a dynamic digital and physical fashion designer, unveiled her debut collection: "Morphologies," featuring a one-of-a-kind physical and digital handbag, and two stunning digital garments. SYKY's collective of visionary designers, including Pet Liger, Stephy Fung, GlitchOfMind, Calvyn Justus, Taskin Goec, Nextberries, Felipe Fiallo, and Jacquelyn Jade, transformed the venue into an immersive gallery. They offered a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming collections, set to make waves later this year on As an official London Fashion Week event, this soirée marked a pivotal moment for the fashion industry. It solidified digital fashion's status as a cornerstone of the industry's future. The spotlight shone on the SYKY Collective, who mesmerized the audience with their avant-garde designs showcased in the immersive gallery. Fanrui Sun, a boundary-pushing digital and physical fashion designer, unveiled her latest collection, "Morphologies," which had just dropped on earlier that day. Fanrui Sun, the trailblazing designer, captivated the audience with her ultramodern aesthetic. She pushed the boundaries of textiles and fabrics within spatial environments, challenging conventional notions of the body and gender identity. Her collection was a fusion of art and technology, forging a new "ecology" connecting nature, humanity, and the non-human. It featured: Two distinct digital fashion items, each with a limited allocation of 20 pieces. This soirée marked SYKY's triumphant return to the world of fashion weeks, following their sensational debut launch party in collaboration with i-D and Calvin Klein at New York Fashion Week on February 10, 2023. Each of SYKY's official fashion week appearances has been a testament to their unwavering ethos: to disrupt the conventional fashion industry and pave the way for the future of luxury fashion, whether it's physical or digital. 

    SYKY takes immense pride in its partnership with the BFC and eagerly anticipates its continued presence at these landmark events, solidifying its status as a trailblazing leader in the fashion revolution. Partners and Sponsors The Worlds Collide London Fashion Week extravaganza was made possible through the synergy of SYKY and the British Fashion Council, who co-hosted and produced this unforgettable event. 

    Stay tuned for the next chapter in the SYKY saga as they continue to redefine the future of fashion, one digital thread at a time. 

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    Image courtesy of SYKY PRESS OFFICE