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    21 SEPTEMBER 2022
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    The app for digital fashion creators you should know

    "Impulse", Zarina Izy creation
    "Impulse", Zarina Izy creation

    Fashion is a constantly-evolving medium, and the addition of Augmented Reality has made it even more exciting.

    In such an evolving scenario ZERO10 is definitely a groundbreaking AR-fashion platform and iOS app that melds 3D body tracking, cloth simulation and body segmentation technologies to make digital clothes wearable, collectable, and shareable for free. The app offers the most realistic AR clothing fitting experience through photo try-on and real time try-on features.

    ZERO10 held an Open Call in August, where 200 digital designers from all over the world took part. I decided to participate with one of my digital creations and I actually won this first-ever virtual fashion competition with my "Impulse" dress.

    In this article I therefore want to share my experience with other young digital fashion designers, who may be interested in showing their work to the community and get known for their creativity.

    People trying on digital clothes at Crosby Studios x Zero10 phygital pop-up store in NY
    People trying on digital clothes at Crosby Studios x Zero10 phygital pop-up store in NY

    I have been working in the digital fashion industry for more than 8 years now, and lucky enough I won many awards in my brief career, including a participation in Milan Fashion Week.

    I try to keep my work very diverse — I have designed everything from streetwear cloth, luxury socks and celebrities' garments to virtual outfits and digital avatars.

    Coming from the fashion industry and having seen its upsides and its downside—namely, those big conglomerates tend not to leave many possibilities for creative designers to rise within their ranks, nor do they respect intellectual property or give credit where it is due— I want to create a safe, creative and diverse environment in the currently pure digital world.

    The classical fashion industry is often filled with closed doors and opportunities for creative minds to be heard or taken advantage of, but it doesn't have to be that way. I believe that the pioneers of Web 3.0, like myself and our readers, can set new standards of professional ethics.

    Digital fashion influencer Daniella Loftus in IZY studio
    Digital fashion influencer Daniella Loftus in IZY studio

    We have all heard the stories of designers who have been robbed of their designs and patterns by big conglomerates, or of designers who have had their innovative ideas stolen by unscrupulous brands. But there's another side to this story: the incredible opportunity that exists right now for digital designers to build a sustainable business model.

    Thanks to blockchain engineering, which pushes all IT industries to be open source, perhaps now that technology is being fully embraced by fashion, it's time for the fashion business itself to open up and become more transparent.

    My vision for my brand Izy Studio is to be a truly inclusive luxury digital brand, where any creator can apply and become a part of the designing team for the upcoming collection, based solely on professional skills and progressive vision.

    A fashion house on a blockchain can offer a unique opportunity to credit all the creators and collaborate with them trustless, rewarding them with automated royalties. Transparency, as never before, will become a key factor of a successful fashion brand.

    I am endlessly grateful for the success I have been able to achieve with the Zero10 app prestigious contest, that surely opens up many doors, empowering my work with loyalty and trust.

    Open Call participant’s designs published on
    Open Call participant’s designs published on
    "Sex and Sushi", CLO B creation
    "Sex and Sushi", CLO B creation

    I would like to encourage everyone to enter and enjoy the new digital world, without fear or doubt. I helped dozens of creators get onboarded and welcome fashion professionals to join my brand, where you can present your designs in a trustful environment without fear of copyright infringement.

    That's my story, a self-made designer-entrepreneur, who made her way from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Metaverse and beyond! And now it's your turn. There will be obstacles along the way; there always are. But if you're willing to work hard enough and stay focused on your goals long enough for things to fall into place… why shouldn't this be your story too?