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    06 NOVEMBER 2023
    Image by
    Monday Spotlight

    The Magic Twist of Leone for Mariposa by Fuera + the Inner Garden of the Human Being

    LEONE, as the award-winning film director and photographer, has played a significant role in the creation of the artistic project MARIPOSA by FUERA

    With his predilection for extraordinary stories and a refined comic twist, LEONE has contributed to the overall concept and storytelling of the project. Through his work with C41, LEONE has brought together various art forms, such as live performance, music video, editorial photography, and visual art, to create a multisensory experience for the audience. The collaboration with digital artist You Are My Anchor Point has added a unique and innovative touch to the project, further enhancing the immersive world of FUERA, the artist behind the single MARIPOSA. Overall, LEONE's creative direction and direction have been instrumental in the successful launch of the new single and the celebration of creativity and art through MARIPOSA.

    Can you tell us more about the concept behind "MARIPOSA" and how you approached its creative direction and direction?

    Mariposa is inspired by the inner garden of the human being, also reflected in the lyrics of the track. I chose to explore the idea of a performance in a more literal sense, allowing myself to be naturally influenced by digital at. 

    How did you bring the vision of FUERA to life? What was the creative process like?

    It is through music that the concept behind the video takes shape and form. I was looking to focus on storytelling, I wanted the music itself to be at the centre of the piece and for it to become the concept. This is a structure that is rarely seen in music videos nowadays; my idea was born from the live performance itself, rather than the story. 

    With your background in photography as well, how did your experience in that field influence your approach to directing "MARIPOSA"?

    I chose to shoot in black and white precisely because I wanted the project to be seen in apnea. The absence of color means greater effort from the point of view of the viewer. Imagination becomes key when experiencing the video. 

    Can you share any challenges you faced while working as a film director and how you overcame them?

    To be honest, we had plenty of time to prepare which left enough room for any potential unexpected events. Everything went as planned. 

    As a film director, how do you balance the elements of live performance, music video, editorial photography, and visual art in your projects?

    Balance is the end of the journey. Throughout the working process, my team and I had many discussions about how I wanted the live action elements to integrate perfectly with the digital art aspect. As a viewer you are not affected by frequent changes in how the piece is meant to be read - all the elements belong to a single space-time horizon. 

    What inspires you to create extraordinary stories? Could you tell us more about your childhood background , and how it has shaped your career as a film director? How do you approach storytelling and conveying emotions through your films? Is there a particular message or feeling you aim to evoke in your audience?

    An ordinary life makes an extraordinary story. This has always been my starting point. I am passionate about Italian cinema ranging from 1943 to 1963, which finds its peak in 8 1/2 and The Leopard. Two films whose production was carried out at the same time. I love cinema and I’m proud to share that I have now made my debut with my first feature film. I’m constantly experimenting, which helps me feel like a teenager.

    Can you share some insights into your creative process? How do you develop and bring your ideas to fruition?

    The process changes all the time But it is essential to choose your team well, giving them the space to express themselves.

    What advice would you give to aspiring film directors who are looking to create unique and immersive experiences?

    Whoever seeks style finds death, whoever seeks life finds style. So be authentic.

    Interview by @mirawanderlust

    Images courtesy of Fuera Team


    Curated by: @c41magazine &

    Creative Director: LEONE @leonedirector

    Creative: Inga Lavarini @ingalavarini

    Graphic Designer: Niccolò Pisano @niccolopisano

    Film Director: LEONE @leonedirector

    Dop: Francesca Pavoni @francesca_pavoni

    Digital Creator: Karol Sudolsky @youaremyanchorpoint 

    Ass. Digital Creator: Greta Cozza @ta__co

    Photographer: Liting Tang @tlity

    Photo Assistant: Sarah Indriolo @sarahindriolo

    Talents: Fuera @fueraroom

    Guitar: Michele Boni @micheIe.boni6

    Manager: Flavia Guarino @monkeygonetoinsta

    Executive Producer: Leone Balduzzi

    Production Manager: Maria Borgognoni @maria.borgognoni 

    Producer: Riccardo Pagano @a_richard

    PA: Zeng Yinli @yayazeng_

    Stylist: Eleonora Cixi @cixichannel

    Stylist Assistant: Antar Abderrahman @skinnyabdi 

    Groomer: Gaia Dellaquila @gaiadellaquilamua

    Art Buyer: Patrizia Gatto @gattareel

    Editing: Margherita Freyrie @margheritafreyrie 

    Color: Daniel Pallucca @daniel.pallucca

    1AC: Tommaso Fazzi @tommasofazzii 

    2AC: Filippo Andreoni @filippo_andreoni

    Gaffer: Giovanni Sacchi @joskacchi 

    Electrician: Gaetano Gagliardi

    Electrician: Nicolò Andreuccetti @eastemicko 

    Key Grip: Sergio Di Terlizzi @sergio.diterIizzi.58 

    Grip: Massimo Fossali

    Special thanks to:

    Movie People @moviepeopleitalia 

    Organica Estrusa: @organica_estrusa Domenico Orefice: @domenicooreficetm