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  • Date
    20 JULY 2023
    Image by
    Object of Desire

    The Object of Desire: N°1 DE CHANEL

    Living in the fast-evolving digital age, we find ourselves immersed in a constantly changing landscape, where new dimensions of beauty and concepts of well-being emerge. In this age of rapid technological advancements, our desires for healthy feelings of pureness and timeless beauty have intensified. Our physical skin yearns for purity and a sense of timelessness, while our inner selves seek well-being, feeling good, and being healthy.

    The whirlwind of our fast-paced digital existence, there exists an inherent yearning within us an insatiable desire for a breath of fresh air, a profound connection to the natural world that transcends the curiosity we have for the future in digital realms.This pursuit of beauty and well-being, there emerges today's Object Of Desire: " N.1 DE CHANEL", a revolutionary new generation of anti-aging treatments that offer an innovative, holistic, and eco-responsible approach to beauty.

    This line combines skincare, makeup, and a scented water, all with a mindful consideration for the environment. With eco-designed packaging and a strict formulation protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, N.1 DE CHANEL stands as an environmentally-conscious and sustainable beauty solution, that transcends the realm of mere skin transformation to embrace a profound reverence for our planet.

    At the heart of N.1 DE CHANEL lies the enigmatic Red Camellia, a flower of unrivaled distinction, celebrated for its rejuvenating powers and the captivating vitality that eternally graces its being. This extraordinary botanical treasure has become the centerpiece of CHANEL Research's endeavors, paving the way for a remarkable array of products that blur the boundaries between beauty, innovation and nature.

    For the environmentally-conscious young advocates, N.1 DE CHANEL represents a transformative movement towards a sustainable future. As guardians of biodiversity, the brand's dedication to agroecology and agroforestry at the CHANEL Research laboratory in Gaujacq encapsulates a deep-rooted commitment to nature and its delicate ecosystems.

    In 1998, CHANEL established its open-air laboratory located in the southwest of France, entirely dedicated to the research and study of camellias from around the world. Covering 40 hectares, this laboratory aims to preserve local biodiversity, as researchers work with camellias in this unique ecosystem, enabling observation, study, and innovation.

    In 2012, CHANEL initiated a research program in collaboration with world-renowned expert Professor Johannes Grillari from the BOKU University and LBI in Vienna, to focus on studying the mechanisms of skin aging. The examination of 6,000 women's faces from all over the world, mapping the signs of aging using 2D and 3D models of reconstructed skin, the CHANEL Research team conducted numerous tests to find powerful anti-aging active ingredients. Eventually, they discovered the remarkable efficacy of Red Camellia Extract on the first stage of skin aging. Infused with up to 97% natural ingredients and up to 76% camellia-derived components, N.1 DE CHANEL exemplifies the seamless marriage of nature's essence and technological prowess.

    The resulting products exude an aura of untainted purity, freshness, and timeless allure, captivating the sensibilities of eco-conscious individuals. Moreover, N.1 DE CHANEL's commitment to ecological responsibility is showcased in its thoughtfully designed packaging, striving to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

    Embracing a sustainable ethos, the brand encourages young advocates to be conscious stewards of the environment by refilling the same face cream jar twice, thereby leaving a smaller carbon footprint. This simple yet impactful step aligns with the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.

    Embracing the magic of nature and the power of technology we discover the iconic Revitalizing Serum of N.1 DE CHANEL, that stands as a powerful elixir, enriched with the essence of red camellia extract, nurturing the skin's vitality and fortifying it against the rigors of urban living for a radiant and youthful glow. In harmonious synergy, the N.1 DE CHANEL Cream, generously infused with red camellia extract and oil, unveils a velvety softness, smoothing away the traces of time and safeguarding the skin with a protective shield. Its ethereal radiance reflects not only a rejuvenated visage but a profound reverence for the natural world.

    Beyond skincare, N.1 DE CHANEL's allure extends to its enchanting L'Eau Rouge fragrance mist, a mesmerizing ode to revitalization, imbuing the skin with a radiant luminescence and unparalleled hydration. In harmony with nature, the N.1 DE CHANEL Lip and Cheek Balm, enriched with red camellia oil, imparts a supple, natural beauty to lips, a testament to the perfect union of purity and technology.

    Within the realm of N.1 DE CHANEL, a universe of beauty unfolds, embracing an extensive array of foundations, cleansing mousse, eye contour cream, and skincare essentials to unveil skin's health and luminosity. This transcendent line champions not only physical well-being but also the profound significance of self-care and mindfulness, a dimension that prepares us to navigate the uncharted digital horizons that lie ahead.

    N.1 DE CHANEL emerges as a compelling symbol of care, inspiring the young generation to embrace a new paradigm of beauty, one that transcends superficiality and weaves together the essence of well-being, environmental consciousness, and cutting-edge innovation. Empowered by unwavering dedication, these future-savvy individuals find themselves on the cusp of a harmonious union between the ever-evolving digital realm and the timeless allure of nature's grand design.

    N.1 DE CHANEL beckons them to chart their course as trailblazers, crafting an era where beauty and cosmic wonder intertwine seamlessly, creating an enchanting tapestry of self-expression and reverence for the natural world.

    AI generated text edited by Gloria Maria Cappelletti

    Still Life Images Courtesy of CHANEL Press Office

    AI Artworks and Art Direction by Matteo Bonacci