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    22 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Image by

    Unveiling the Prada Beauty revolution!

    How AR Filters and AR Mirrors helped to communicate the Digital Beauty embodiment of the iconic Prada fragrances? In a world where digital innovation knows no bounds, FFFACE.ME stands at the forefront, orchestrating a groundbreaking project that seamlessly merges the realms of online and offline. Enter the enchanting world of Prada Beauty, where fragrances become a digital masterpiece, and the beauty of technology takes center stage. 

    Picture this: The iconic Paris Opera serves as the backdrop, setting the stage for an immersive experience that tantalizes the senses. Within this captivating ambiance, two Prada Paradoxe fragrance bottles beckon with a hint of magic, each harboring an AR Mirror. As curious passers-by approach, their reflections transform into something extraordinary through a unique AR Filter crafted by the ingenious minds at FFFACE.ME. In an instant, they receive a keepsake photo of this enchanting encounter. 

    Dmytro Kornilov, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of FFFACE.ME XR Studio, shares his profound insights on this innovative approach: 

    "In recent years, the world has witnessed a digital transformation sweeping across industries, and the beauty sector is no exception. However, most digital tools have been confined to the online realm, neglecting the substantial offline audience. At FFFACE.ME, we're rewriting this narrative, infusing digital innovation not just into online platforms but across all channels, where it can maximize Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). The Prada Beauty project exemplifies our approach, where a digital gem like the Instagram filter serves a triple purpose: Online, on Instagram, it generates branded user-generated content. Offline, in the form of a majestic mirror with printing capabilities, it creates a 'wow' effect in bustling locations. In retail, as a compact selfie mirror with try-on functionality, it embodies the fragrance, inspiring instant purchases.” 

    “We firmly believe that communication tools have evolved significantly over the past decade. However, we've noticed that the shift from a 2010 marketing strategy to a 2020 strategy hasn't truly transpired. Instead, an outdated strategy has been supplemented with innovation. These two strategies exist in parallel, missing out on opportunities to complement each other. FFFACE.ME is here to bridge this gap by crafting an entirely new marketing and PR blend, seamlessly integrating innovation into cross-platform communication to yield tangible results and drive sales."  Dmytro Kornilov added

    The Prada Infusion Collection, a bouquet of nine botanical fragrances, each woven around a single plant essence, reimagines the concept of personality. These fragrances serve as mirrors to various facets of one's identity. FFFACE.ME rises to the occasion, creating nine distinct filters that plunge users into specific personality archetypes, eloquently conveying the emotions associated with each scent. In contrast to the intricate design of Prada Paradoxe, these mirrors feature a simplified form tailored for in-store convenience. Customers can effortlessly sample and immerse themselves in the essence of these fragrances, embarking on a journey of self-discovery. 

    By seamlessly switching between these filters, individuals can discover the fragrance that resonates most with their inner state. In essence, Prada Beauty has redefined the art of engagement with its products, offering a visual connection through interactive digital involvement via AR Filters and an immersive offline experience with AR Mirrors. T

    hese phases gracefully guide brand enthusiasts to the product popup and inspire them to make their purchase. 

    In the realm of Prada Beauty, the future is now, and it's nothing short of spectacular. Welcome to a world where fragrances transcend the ordinary and technology paints a canvas of digital beauty.

    Article by Danieleverse
    Creative Producer: Dmytro Kornilov, FFFACE.ME

    Prada Paradoxe and Prada Infusions AR Filters: FFFACE.ME

    AR Mirrors idea and mechanics: FFFACE.ME

    AR Mirrors software: Applifting