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    07 NOVEMBER 2023
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    Save the Date for ASVOFF 15: A Celebration of Fashion, Culture, and Film

    ASVOFF, which stands for "A Shaded View On Fashion Film," is not just any film festival. It's a groundbreaking and genre-bending event that has been redefining the way fashion is presented through film since its inception in 2008. This unique festival is the brainchild of the legendary fashion icon Diane Pernet, also known as ASVOF, and it has garnered critical acclaim for its ability to challenge conventional boundaries and encourage both emerging and established artists to think differently about the intersection of fashion, culture, and film.

    ASVOFF has not remained confined to one location; instead, it tours the globe, showcasing its innovative and groundbreaking programming at prestigious institutions and events in creative capitals such as New York, London, Tokyo, Milan, Moscow, and Mexico City. This year, ASVOFF 15 will take place in Paris at Dover Street Market from the 10th to the 12th of November, promising to be a must-see event on both the fashion and film calendars.

    Secure your tickets here

    The festival offers a range of activities, including workshops, art exhibitions, and screenings of films in competition. It is not just about short films; ASVOFF features feature films, documentaries, conferences, performances, and installations, making it an ultimate convergence of artists, audience, and industry.

    ASVOFF15's themed curations add depth and purpose to the festival, addressing critical issues and emerging trends in the fashion and film industries. Some of the highlighted themes this year include:

    "Responsible Actions," curated by Sara Maino and Matteo Ward, focuses on creating awareness and consciousness in the fashion industry, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices.

    "Unleashing the Power of AI in Fashion+Film," the festival's first AI fashion film category curated by Pedro Guez, explores the intersection of fashion and technology, inspiring a new generation of designers and filmmakers.

    "Black Spectrum," curated by Melissa Albo, addresses the representation of Black people in cinema and how it affects the construction of Black identity.

    "Children's Climate Film Challenge," led by Liv Elbaz-Paris and Jose Levy, encourages young climate activists to create 16-second films that imagine the future of our planet and raise awareness about climate change.

    "Digital Fashion," curated by Amber J. Slooten, explores the concept of "disreality" and questions the significance of "real" in an era where fashion is largely a fantasy.

    "Exploring Chinese Fashion Film," curated by Camille Mervin-Leroy and Gemma A. Williams, delves into the vibrant world of Chinese fashion and its transformative role in the industry.

    "Arabethos," curated by Butheina Kazim, complicates presentations of Arab images, expression, bodies, and voices, resisting traditional definitions and borders.

    "Artistic Research & the Future of Fashion Film," curated by Dr. Alex Murray Leslie, explores the intersection of artistic and scientific research in music and streamart and its impact on fashion and film.

    "The Queer Archive," curated by Konstantinous Menelaou, celebrates and explores the intersection of queer identities and fashion, challenging gender norms and increasing visibility for the LGBTQ+ community.

    ASVOFF 15 promises to be an unparalleled convergence of creativity and innovation in the world of fashion and film. It continues to shape the future of these industries by encouraging artists and creators to think outside the box and explore new horizons. Diane Pernet's vision has not only provided a platform for innovative voices but also paved the way for a profound connection with a diverse audience of creative leaders, industry professionals, and cultural enthusiasts. Secure your tickets and Don't miss the opportunity to witness this transformative event in Paris from the 10th to the 12th of November.

    Stay tuned to discover the winners of ASVOFF15!!

    Article by @danieleverse


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    Press by Florian Mueller

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