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    30 NOVEMBER 2022
    Image by

    Breaking: Maybelline, l’Oreal and RTFKT are joining Artisant and Jenny DAO contest to rise the creativity in masculine fashion!

    CloneX #558 dressed in IZY wearables
    CloneX #558 dressed in IZY wearables


    The fashion industry is no stranger to gender fluidity, and in recent years, it has seen a noteworthy increase in the number of androgynous male models walking the runway.


    Eurocentric men’s fashion is growing in the variety of its embodiments, and begs the question of whose bodies and sexualities are being centered in mainstream fashion.


    In October, digital fashion platform Artisant partnered with Jenny DAO to launch "Fashioning Masculinities". The contest invited designers to create their own innovative conceptualizations of what it means to dress masculine identities in today’s world.


    The call received 42 entries from designers all over the world and their works were shown in an exhibition at Spatial, at the gallery Agora Space designed by @daewhakang.


    In less than a week the gallery attracted hundreds of visitors, among whom there were l'Oreal and Maybelline beauty companies, who got amazed by the beauty of artworks and decided to join the contest to support the great initiative and add exciting events and special prizes to the contest!



    The 13 finalists were chosen by public votes during the first 4 days of the exhibition and they are:

    1 - Jean Dorsey by @Zarina_IZY - 33% of total votes

    2 – Janus by @honeyloveclub_ and @chrrytspace – 8.8%

    3 - Duality by @SinmonNFT – 6.1%

    4 - Dexter by @slamthings – 5.9%

    5 - Lover's Dogma by @rayo_delux – 5.8%

    6 - Creature by @mochicofficial – 5.2%

    7 - Macho Pink by Maria – 5%

    8 - No Name by @SIMO_Woman – 4.8%

    9 - Dandy4 by @florsbasegone - 4.5%

    10 - Nanaè by @sumbyos – 4.4%

    11 - Machismo by @onclickcloset – 2.8%

    12 - Honey Drip by @cloB1 – 2.2%

    13 - Jeminipaz by @dtonyd – 1.2%



    Artisant commented that the voting has been intense and the works were strong!


    At the Grand Finale event on 7th December, a panel of judges—including @digitalfashionprincess, @stephyfung, Jenny DAO and partners —will choose 3 finalists from 13 designers.


    These contestants will be given career-changing opportunities by:


    Artisant, who will mint as NFTs the artworks of all semi-finalists on their marketplace and will AirDrop a wearable for the RPM ecosystem to each winner;


    RTFKT CloneX will be enabling virtual try-ons for each of the designs;


    Jenny DAO will collect the artworks of the 3 winners for 2 ETH total: 1 ETH for the 1 st place, 0.7 ETH for the 2 nd place, and 0.3 ETH for the 3 rd place;


    Not yet announced, but RED-EYE discloses that Esquire magazine will be publishing the winner.

    l'Oreal Paris and Maybelline will include their special prizes AND prepare a special outfit to each visitor of the Grand Final ceremony!


    Do not miss the event and check out all the artworks at this Spatial space


    “Fashioning Masculinities contest is timed to reflect on what's currently happening in Eurocentric men's fashion. The expansion of what is seen, felt, and being redefined around the dressing of masculine identities is the burning matter of today. So, whose bodies, and sexualities are self-actualized and centered in the mainstream beauty contest we call fashion? Digital fashion designers are challenged through Fashioning Masculinities to define, discover, and inspire Men of our day and age.” – Artisant.


    Take a delightful look at some of the submissions:


    Zarina IZY - Jean Dorsey
    Clo B - Honey Drip abs
    Ksujen - Bang
    Florencia Arezzo
    Morchen Liu - Creature
    TonyD - Jenimpaz
    rayodelux - Love s Dogma
    Veronica Kemsky - Run to flip
    Natasha Manchak - Yura
    13 finalists of Fashioning Masculinity contest