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    26 SEPTEMBER 2022
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    Chrryt is pushing boundaries of fashion digitalisation

    We meet Chrryt, an extremely accomplished digital designer whose avatars and garments are so realistic that they stand out loudly amongst 3D creations, which became so popular nowadays. Her works have been collected by the world's most prominent NFT collectors. She was a resident artist at Toda Dubai and in Bored Ape Ladies collective. Currently, Chrryt is working on developing AR garments for her collection and pushing boundaries of fashion digitalisation.

    Chrryt, The Archetypal PFP Project (APFP)
    Chrryt, The Archetypal PFP Project (APFP)

    When did you first start designing clothes?

    Well, I started designing cloth for my Barbie dolls, when I was 4 or 5 years old which was a

    shock to my parents but my Mom was a great cloth maker and then I learnt a lot from her.

    How did you get started in digital fashion?

    I was a digital artist for over a decade but when I realize more about how the fashion industry

    actually damaging the earth on so many levels I go deeper into digital fashion. I think it is more

    than 2 years now.

    What were the most interesting projects you worked on?

    I never cared much about an award or something but what I care about is educating other

    people about the fact that their garments should be chosen out of sustainable products or if it

    is a fast fashion choice, they MUST be digital. My latest project APFP Collection which is

    inspired by the Archetypal aspect of identity in the metaverse is kind of rewarding me in its own


    What are your favourite tools to create your designs?

    I mainly use Clo3D to create garments and C4d was my first channel to the 3D world. I use Daz,

    Unreal Engine, substance painter and many others depending on the needs as well.

    What is your biggest challenge as a designer?

    Well, AR is the most challenging at this point since we still need better and more developed

    smart devices to be able to track and simulate cloth realistically.

    What do you seek to add to the world as a creator?

    Inspiration, innovation and knowledge hopefully.

    Chrryt, The Archetypal PFP Project (APFP)
    Chrryt, The Archetypal PFP Project (APFP)

    What is the most innovative advancement with digital fashion?

    I think the fact that it removes many uncertainties from design and production regarding its

    cut-off waste is very encouraging for designers.

    What do you think is the most powerful thing about digital fashion?

    If it implies correctly into the fashion industry besides all the other advancements, it will lower

    97% of carbon emissions and save thousands of litres of water and even more.

    What do you think your future will look like 5 years from now?

    As I always live in the moment trying my best to use it wisely and properly, I never doubt my

    future because it will be based on what I am doing now. So, I see a bright one not just for me

    but for every designer who devotes themself to create in digital and practical methods of

    design to waste less and deliver more.

    Chrryt, The Archetypal PFP Project (APFP)
    Chrryt, The Archetypal PFP Project (APFP)

    What do you love about your job?

    Actually, everything because I was doing other careers to gain financial stability before but

    today, I am so lucky because I only do what I love and that is creating.

    What is your favourite thing about fashion?

    Fashion is an essential part of our society and speaks beyond words or matters it tells who you

    are and who you like to be and how ones can express themself without saying a single word. So

    basically, fashion talks about the culture and beliefs of people.

    If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    I already have one (laughing), it is my ability to enjoy the moment and make the most out of it

    with creativity, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.