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    06 APRIL 2023
    Image by

    CN8 digital fashion, from sand dust to stardust with ‘1001 nights in the metaverse’



    Behind the CN8 digital fashion is the Greek fashion designer and creative pattern cutter, Angelika Chilikova, hailing from a long line of tailors and craftsmen, she began her career at a very young age. In 2014 she launched the physical contemporary brand CLON8 in London. The brand participated in various trade shows and catwalks during the fashion weeks in London, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Greece, gaining wholesale clients in prestige concept stores in Hong Kong, China, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Greece. 




    From 2006 until 2019 she was based in London where she gained a wealth of experience working with big names in luxury and high street brands, suppliers, and overseas manufacturers creating from the catwalk (haute-couture) collections to the full range of seasonal ready-to-wear lines. A few months ago she started exploring 3D design and created her first exclusive collection for DRESSX, "1001 Nights in the Metaverse", a story of adventure, mirage, and sensational beauty that takes us from sand dust to stardust. The pieces of the collection are reflecting the characters of those stories. The materials, artwork, and color palette are animated from the drawings of the books. 


    We, at RED EYE, are empowering the voice of many creatives with a futuristic vision, like Angelika Chilikova, and we reached her for an exclusive interview about CN8 digital fashion: 




    Tell us a little bit about yourself as a fashion designer and when was your first approach with fashion? 

    Being raised in a household of dressmakers, I developed a very natural sense of style. My mother and grandma taught me my first designs, patterns, and sawing; by the age of 18, I was already working in the industry. 




    Everyone somewhere or another has been influenced by their childhood. Could you please walk us through your own progressing years? How was growing up for you? Was it certain for you what you were going to do growing up? 

    I had the dreamiest childhood! Growing up in an agricultural village that produced cotton and silk I had the luck to be involved in the process of the very first development of those textile fibers. The family was fully creative and the influence was all around. My grandmother was making beautiful antique handmade laces and my mother was amazing at handmade beading artworks. At that time ladies were not purchasing ready-made garments, they were making all their seasonal outfits. My family had a little fashion atelier where I used to spend most of my time as a child. 




    When was your first approach with digital fashion and why did you decide to explore it? What are the softwares you use to create digital garments?

    I entered the world of 3D design in August 2022, exploring first the CLO3D software. Throughout my working years, I was using software such as illustrator, photoshop, a bit of Gerber in my first years, and later Lectra and Polytropon. Currently, except for CLO3d, I also use Daz studio and I am in my initial steps with the blender. 


    How did you decide to be part of DressX? Introduce us to your artworks for it and how the process design was elaborated?

    In my first research in the digital marketplace, I found the DressX platform and contacted them. At the time, I was not sure what I would create, but I was curious to hear their history and philosophy and introduce myself. A few months later, when the visuals of my work were more evident through my social page, I received a collaborative e-mail. I was experimenting with textures and artwork in Clo3d so it was the right moment to create a capsule collection for DressX. 


    Your work encourages innovation and makes the knick-picking style a trend of its own. I wonder what kind of challenges you would have gone through when it came to approaching digital art as well?

    I appreciate your kind words. In my professional journey, I have worked for luxury designers and for high-street brands for each segment, the approach from the design to the manufacturing is very different. When it comes to digital creation, I still cling to the final production of garments in terms of construction and manufacturing. With a view to liberating my imagination from the realities of my digital explorations. 




    How is your brand philosophy manifested and interpreted in the garments themselves?

    The brand's philosophy is to bring mysterious ease in my silhouettes and uniqueness through texture, design, and creative cutting with a combination of luxurious sensuality. 


    How do you face challenges in such a complex industry and how do you approach potential customers/stores? Are you stocked in some retail stores? Where?

    CN8 Digital Fashion has made its debut on the digital market. Our exclusive online collection is available here at: 




    You’re both the creative and the business head of your company. How do you balance your time between the two?

    I guess as an individual creative and transformational leader because I am responsible for my economic and social security somehow the survival instincts awaken and I manage to keep the balance between creation and leadership.



    How do you see your brand growing and evolving in the future?

    Moving a brand and a business forward is a continuous process. At this point, my goal is to make the brand known through various digital platforms to get into the Metaverse market. 




    A letter to your future self. What would you write? 

    Great to see you growing up in the Metaverse! 







    Words by @mirawanderlust