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    21 JUNE 2023
    Image by

    JORDANLUCA SS24 Collection is Embracing Power and Resilience

    The world of fashion, artistry and social commentary often intertwine, creating a platform for designers to express their perspectives on the current state of society. The JORDANLUCA SS24 collection boldly embraces this notion, drawing inspiration from Leonard Lauder's famous "lipstick index" and presenting a thought-provoking exploration of power, crisis, and resilience.

    The collection, which marks the brand's first full line of womenswear alongside menswear, incorporates the recurring motif of red lipstick. Symbolizing strength and statement-making, this cosmetic item has historically been associated with tough economic times. Through its presence in JORDANLUCA SS24, red becomes a thread that weaves its way throughout the collection, simultaneously evoking concepts of blood, life, murder, sex, and death.

    Contrasting against a backdrop of various greys, browns, neutrals, and muds, the fleeting presence of red within the garments creates an intriguing tension. Glamour, crisis, and the philosophy of absurdism converge, offering a nuanced perspective on the current human experience.

    Draping takes center stage in JORDANLUCA SS24, emphasizing high-necked austerity, lace, ruching, and gathering. Both menswear and womenswear feature suiting that carries connotations of The City and Wall Street. These designs are not mere reflections of the past or projections into the future; they are creations for the present moment. With an extreme and binary understanding of men's and women's bodies, JORDANLUCA challenges gender norms while still honoring traditional silhouettes.

    Building upon the distinctive "bulldog" style introduced in FW23, the collection introduces new interpretations of trenches, single and double-breasted blazers. Kilting, a traditional Scottish style, is reimagined in the form of kilt-pencil skirts, dropped blazers, draped kilt/dresses, and jackets. These designs are meant for a society transitioning into a post-anxiety period, where individuals derive joy from adversity and find happiness amidst a challenging economic outlook.

    Within the collection, there is an underlying pursuit of intense and passionate connections. Whether fleeting or enduring, tender or cannibalistic, this search for supercharged sexual energy permeates many of the garments. One notable example is the draped top with its delicate wisp of chiffon, evoking a sense of vulnerability and sensuality.

    JORDANLUCA SS24 serves as a rallying cry, urging individuals to face the challenges of life with fearlessness and optimism. While such a perspective may be viewed as naive in the face of hardened cynicism, the collection unapologetically embraces it. Through their creations, JORDANLUCA invites wearers to transcend the Sisyphean struggle and discover resilience in the pursuit of joy.

    By melding fashion and social commentary, JORDANLUCA SS24 succeeds in igniting contemplation and dialogue. The collection's exploration of power dynamics, crisis, and the human spirit resonates with those who seek to make sense of our complex world. JORDANLUCA's debut full collection of womenswear alongside menswear firmly establishes the brand as a thought leader in the fashion landscape, encapsulating the zeitgeist and providing a visual narrative of our times.


    Enjoy all highlights from JORDANLUCA SS24 and tap the sticker to experience Milan Fashion Week first hand in the metaverse!! 

    JORDANLUCA SS24 Credits:

    Styling and consulting: Samia Giobellina @samiagiobellina

    Casting: IM Casting @irene_manicone

    Hair: Anthony Turner @anthonyturnerhair @streetersagency

    Make-up: Inge Grognard @ingegrognard @maworldgroup

    Nails: Liia Zotova @the.fingersofgod

    Music: Joshua James @djjoshuajames

    Movement Director: Ryan Chappell @ryanchappell

    Art Director: William Ndatira @williamcult

    Head of Marketing & Communications: Remi Villard

    Senior Designer: Kayla Satzger @kaylasatzger

    Product Design Manager: Daniela Corcio @ikonostas_id

    Admin & Logistics Manager: Andrea Santangelo

    Product Developer: Svetoslav Kolchagov @kolchagovdesigner

    Production Coordinator: Sophia Benjamin @ss.benn

    Design Assistant: Saimonas Tartenis @es.ta.r

    Studio Assistant: Jamie Kneen @jamie.kneen

    Communication Assistant: Finn Delaney @Finnfdelaney

    Jewellery Designer: Ciccy Lyu @ciccylyu

    Intern: Alfie Strangelove @alfie__strangelove

    Intern: Alexandra Biggins @alex_biggins

    Intern: Genevieve F K Carr @genevievefkcarr

    Intern: Jemima Boys-Ballard @thefrogmanshow

    Intern: Raiesa Salum Al-Kilaly @raiesasalum

    Producer: Antony Waller @ant_waller

    Assistant Producer: Arlene Faller @arlenemfaller

    Production Assistant: Louie Dobson @lousydobson

    Fixer: Emily Newman @emilynewmanprod

    Video: Sylwia Bajek @studiobajek

    Lights & Sound: @hydradesign__

    Runway Photography: Jason Lloyd-Evans @jasonlloydevans

    Runway Photography: Stefan Knauer

    Photography: Paolo Colaiocco @paolocolaiocco

    Styling Assistant: Sara Maria Perilli @saramariaperilli

    Casting Assistant: Thea Williams @theawilliams

    Casting Assistant: Arianna Angelini @arianna_angelini

    Special Thanks to:

    Agency Eleven @agencyeleven

    Beside Communications @besidecom_pr

    Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana @milanfashionweek

    Roberto Pelizzoni @robertopelizzoni