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    22 SEPTEMBER 2023
    Image by

    NESTT Artistry: Noki's SS24 Takes Sustainable Fashion by Storm at LFW

    London Fashion Week is once again a stage for innovation and creativity, and this time, it's Noki returning to the runway with an electrifying SS24 collection that promises to redefine the very essence of sustainable fashion. The show, featuring the Tin Can Custom Crew and the Super Scratch Sunday's, isn't just about clothes; it's a fully immersive art installation that delves into the intriguing world of NESTT.

    NESTT, a captivating acronym that stands for Nick Irwin, Kim Howells, and Noki Custom NHSt, represents a groundbreaking collaboration between stylist Kim Howells, hairdresser Nick Irwin, and the textile collage artist Noki Custom NHSt. Each of these maestros brings their unique creative prowess to the table, resulting in a mesmerizing showcase that aims to inspire the next generation of sustainable fashionistas.

    The SS24 collection is a testament to Noki's commitment to sustainability. With an artistic twist, flattened aluminum cans and forgotten food wrappers are transformed into fashion statements. These recycled materials, often discarded due to the relentless traffic of our modern lives, are given new life with Noki's signature checkerboard patterns. This juxtaposition of urban decay and custom protection is a nod to the digital disorder of social media and a testament to Noki's innovative approach to design.

    At the heart of this NESTT Mash Up is Nick Irwin, an international hairdressing sensation renowned for his Schwarzkopf expertise. For the first time ever, Irwin unveils the secrets behind crafting the perfect hair color and cut for deep follicle NESTT experimentation. The runway becomes a canvas for his visionary hair designs, adding another layer of creativity to the show.

    The auditory dimension of the show is equally revolutionary. The JBL handheld freedom speakers wielded by the Tin Can Crew and the Super Scratch Sunday's scratchers create a unique audio experience for the audience. It's a sound clash, a sonic mash-up that perfectly complements the visual extravaganza unfolding on the catwalk.

    The driving force behind this extraordinary show is Kim Howells, a renowned international stylist and creative director. With her "cherry on top PROCESS," Howells orchestrates the raw Noki NESTT manifestations on a cast of community street muses. Her vision for the NESTT catwalk in 2024 is a testament to the power of originality and authenticity, highlighting the importance of owning one's unique creative process. The sustainability ethos behind the SS24 collection extends beyond fashion.

    Noki's heartfelt thanks go out to the sponsors who have played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life. Vintage textiles donated by Re skinned and Jacalope, crushed cans rescued from The Whent's previous season's show, and crochet creations from shredded T-shirts by Rockey all contribute to the eco-conscious narrative. Even LegoZyg's centurion helmets and archive masks, hip hop caps rejuvenated by the Capitation, and academic analysis by the Fable foundation are part of this harmonious symphony of sustainability.

    Behind the scenes, Noki acknowledges the unwavering support of a dedicated team. Family, friends, mentors, and collaborators have all played a vital role in bringing Noki's sustainable dream to fruition. From parents to mentors like Mr. Paul, Steven Phillip, and Natalie Khan, to the creative influences of Tara St Hill, Jonny Woo, Mr. Saus Herbie, Zyg, Mr. T, Elinor Renfrew, Ashley, and Shanai – each has left an indelible mark on Noki's journey.

    In SS24, Noki doesn't just present a fashion collection; it's a statement of sustainable artistry, a beacon of originality, and a testament to the collaborative spirit of the fashion world. This show is a bold step towards pushing the boundaries of sustainable expression, propelling fashion into a promising future in the 21st century. London Fashion Week won't be the same after Noki's triumphant return, leaving us all eagerly anticipating the next chapter in NESTT's journey.

    Article by Metafari & Danieleverse

    Image courtesy of THE LOBBY



    Artist - @nokiofficial
    Styling - @kim_howells

    Hair - Nick Irwin For Schwarzkopf @schwarzkopfpro

    Show DJ's - @superscratchsunday

    Sponsored by - @jblaudio_uk

    PR -

    Photography - @chrisyatesmedia

    Show Producer - @vikkiburns_
    Sponsor - @martinprofessional 

    Sponsor -
    Sponsor - @the.whent

    Sponsor - @legozyg

    Sponsor - @thecaptician 

    Sponsor -

    Sponsor - @chartydurrant