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    22 NOVEMBER 2023
    Image by

    Transcending into Parallel Universes: From Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos

    The Gucci Art Space and Christie's 3.0 converge to present a new digital auction that reflects on fashion, art, and technology, drawing from the 102-year history of the Maison. The new collaborative auction takes inspiration from "Gucci Cosmos" – a reimagined exhibition showcasing the most iconic designs from Gucci's history. Titled "Parallel Universes: from Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos" the auction will run until November 28, 2023, on the Gucci Art Space, the Maison's online art gallery showcasing the works of nine prominent artists, with a particular focus on generative systems: Alexis Andre, Alexis Christodoulou, Amy Goodchild, Harvey Rayner, Jacqui Kenny, Jo Ann, Melissa Wiederrecht, Sasha Stiles, and Thomas Lin Pedersen. Conceived by Es Devlin and curated by Maria Luisa Frisa using Gucci's historical archive, the exhibition is currently open for viewing in London. 

    We at RED-EYE had the incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich history showcased at the London’s archival exhibition and delve into the mesmerizing showcase featuring the auction pieces. Stepping into the world of Gucci's historical archive felt like a journey through time, tracing the evolution of iconic designs that have left an indelible mark on fashion. As we wandered through the halls adorned with Gucci's most emblematic creations, it was like deciphering a visual narrative of the brand's journey from its inception to present-day innovation. In the last room, we witnessed the auction pieces reinterpretating the classic Gucci motifs through the lens of contemporary artists. It was nothing short of inspiring as each piece seemed to transcend its historical roots, offering glimpses into alternative realities and future possibilities.

    Birth by Alexis Andre

    To bring to life Parallel Universes: from Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos, artists were invited to delve into the potential of generative systems to envision innovative (or alternative) scenarios in transforming fashion. They were tasked with creating new systems of expression, acting as portals to the future. Specifically, artists were prompted to engage with Gucci's archival motifs, echoing the rooms of the London exhibition. Their reflections centered on how the classic Gucci designs that defined the aesthetics of its history not only mirrored their respective eras but also shaped them. Leveraging generative systems, each of the nine artists revisits a theme characterizing a particular period and foundational myths of Gucci – from Guccio Gucci's time as a porter at the Savoy Hotel in 1897 London to the birth of legendary symbols like the Horsebit, the Flora motif, and more recently, the Gucci Red Still – exploring new horizons, potential realities, and initiating meaningful conversations across different epochs and ever-evolving imaginations.

    The Mysteries of Nature and Art by Alexis Christodoulou

    Our visit was an enthralling journey, honoring Gucci's rich history while sparking discussions on art's limitless power to reshape tomorrow's landscapes. Delving into the brand's archive was like unlocking a time capsule, revealing Gucci's transformative evolution through iconic designs. Each piece echoed a narrative of innovation and cultural resonance, painting a vivid picture of the brand's evolution.

    Exploring the auction pieces added an electrifying dimension, merging heritage with contemporary vision. Witnessing these reinterpretations by modern artists felt like glimpsing into parallel worlds of creative exploration. This fusion of tradition and innovation encouraged contemplation on how artistic reinvention can redefine future artistic landscapes.

    In essence, our journey to Gucci and Christie's "Parallel Universes", became a captivating dialogue between the past and future, celebrating Gucci's legacy while inspiring contemplation on the boundless potential of artistic reinterpretation.

    Eden Fresco by Harvey Rayner
    Argleton Lane Infinity by Jacqui Kenny
    Becoming Gold by Thomas Lin Pendersen
    Gucci Ancora bus by Jo Ann
    Convergence by Amy Goodchild
    Generational Shift by Melissa Wiederrecht
    Repeat Again, Again by Sasha Stiles

    Explore Gucci Art Space

    Visit Gucci Cosmos

    Article by @danieleverse

    Image courtesy of @gucci press office