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    01 MARCH 2023
    Image by

    Switching the fashion codes to enhance self-expression TOKYO JAMES AW23

    Tokyo James, the British-Nigerian designer, has once again made a statement with his latest Autumn Winter 2023 collection showcased at Milan Fashion Week. James' designs have always been known for their intricate details, bold use of colors, and switching around the fashion codes by highlighting the importance of being able to adjust to different environments and situations, while still remaining true to oneself.

    The collection features a mix of traditional silhouettes with a modern aesthetic, and the newest signature zip that extends throughout the collection. A range of bold colours, textures from the classic black and white combination to the vivid hues of purples and yellows. The use of denim, an adaptive material that can be worn interchangeably in any season, adds to the versatility of the collection. Metallic zippers and oversize pocket flaps are highlighted as key elements in this collection, creating unique pieces that are both functional and stylish.

    Apart from the breathtaking designs, one of the standout features of Tokyo James' latest fashion show was the models walking down the runway with smiles and teeth painted as part of the makeup which added an extra dimension to the overall aesthetic of the collection. The casting by the direction of Johnson Gold was a refreshing change from the stoic expressions typically seen on fashion runways and added an element of joy and celebration to the show. 

    The decision to cast a diversity of models with genuine smiles also reflected the overall vision of fashion as a tool for self-expression and empowerment. By showcasing models with looks that were confident and innovative, the Tokyo James AW23 collection serves as a reminder of the power of clothing which can be used and seen as a means of protection and self-expression in a world where judgments and assumptions are often made based on appearances.

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    Article by Danieleverse

    Image Courtesy of Red Eye Press Office